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Law School
Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP)

Each year up to 15 Army officers are selected for participation in the FLEP program IAW AR 27-1, Chapter 14. This program normally lasts for three academic years and allows these officers an opportunity to obtain a law degree at an approved civilian law school at government expense. Upon successful completion of a law degree and the bar exam, officers will be branch transferred from their basic branch to the Judge Advocate General Corps.

Non-waivable Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be U.S. citizens on active duty as commissioned Army officers. They must also:

a. Have graduated from an accredited college or university with a baccalaureate (or equivalent) degree.

b. Have not less than two years nor more than six years of active duty, including warrant officer and enlisted service, and be serving in the grade of 03 or below at the time legal training commences. Legal training commences on the first day of formal classroom instruction at the law school.

c. Be able to meet the requirements of AR 601 100, chapter 2, section XI, after completion of law school. Officers selected for the FLEP who do not have RA or voluntary indefinite (VI) status will receive VI status from their basic branch.

d. Have at least a SECRET security clearance.

Law School Admission Test

Commissioned officers applying for FLEP must take the LSAT. The following procedures apply to LSAT:

a. Law School Admissions Services, Box 2000, Newtown, PA 18940-0998, prepares and administers the test.

b. Officers who apply for FLEP are responsible for arranging to take the LSAT at their own expense.

c. Applicants will send copies of all test scores directly to HQDA (DAJA PT), Washington D.C., 20310- 2206, before the selection board convenes. The selection board will not consider an application unless an LSAT score is available.

d. Applicants can retake the LSAT if they desire and must provide results of all tests to the selection board.

e. Officers accepted for FLEP may request reimbursement for LSAT fees (see AR 621-1) with the initial vouchers submitted for textbooks and supplies.


a. Applicants will:

(1) Submit a memorandum, endorsed by the first O-6 in the chain of command, requesting consideration for FLEP.

(2) Send the original memorandum through command channels to U.S. Total Army Personnel Command, TAPC-OPE-P, ATTN: Ms. Faye Richardson, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, VA 22332 0414.

(3) Concurrently, send a copy of the memorandum to HQ DA (DAJA PT), ATTN: Personnel Plans & Training Office, Mr. Fresh, Washington D.C., 20310-2206. Mr. Fresh’s phone number is DSN: 425-6774 or COML: (703) 588-6774.

b. The application packet will include:

(1) Applicant's telephone number (DSN and commercial), home address and military address. Applicants must notify DAJA PT of all changes of address and telephone numbers.

(2) Transcripts of all college level and higher education. Transcripts will show the class standing of the applicant, if available.

(3) Description of legal studies completed and legal experience in civilian or military life.

(4) Date of expected return to the United States, if applicable.

(5) Reasons for applying for the program. The applicant will briefly describe the motivation for attending law school and for applying for the FLEP. The applicant may list any specific circumstances that the selection board should consider.

(6) List of law schools to which applicant has applied or will apply (acceptance by a law school is not a prerequisite for the application).

(7) Official photograph.

(8) LSAT score or date of test. The applicant may submit an application without an LSAT score but must provide the score separately as soon as it is available.

(9) A statement as follows: "On September 1, (year), I will have (number of) years and (number of) months of active federal commissioned service and (number of) years and (number of) months of active warrant officer/enlisted service for a total of (number of) years and (number of) months of active Federal service." Applicants should compute this service statement as of the September in which legal training will begin if the applicant is selected for the program.

(10) Date and place of the interview required in paragraph c. (below) and the name of the officer conducting the interview.

(11) A statement that the applicant has at least a SECRET clearance. Mechanically reproduced copies of DA Form 873 (Certificate of Clearance and/or Security determination) are not acceptable.

c. The SJA or acting SJA of the applicant's command must personally interview the applicant. Then the interviewing SJA will:

(1) Make specific candid comments concerning the applicant's motivation for attending law school, motivation for service as a career JA; potential as a JA; military bearing; sincerity; general physical appearance and condition; oral communicative skill; reputation in the command; and any other matters considered appropriate.

(2) Send the comments about the applicant directly to DAJA-PT, in military letter format. These comments will be treated as confidential.

d. Your Division(CAD) will forward the application, with appropriate comments, through channels, to DAJA-PT.

e. Applicants must submit their applications to arrive at Division not later than October 1st of each year. This will allow time to process the applications prior to convening of the board on or about December 1st of each year.

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