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United States Army Enlistment Programs
Program 9C - Enlistment Bonus/Army College Fund/Loan Repayment Program

Available to: qualified applicants enlisting for a term of enlistment required via REQUEST (Note: REQEST is the computer program used by Army MEPs Job Counselors to determine MOS and program availability) and MOS authorized one of the incentives under this program.

Description of program. Guarantees one of the following incentives:

a. Enlistment Bonus (EB).

b. Army College Fund (ACF).

c. Loan Repayment Program (LRP).

Note: Applicant must enlist for and be qualified under this program to receive one of the above incentives. Enlistment incentive must be authorized by HQDA message.

Prerequisites that must be met before enlistment. All applicants must

a. Meet eligibility criteria for enlistment and modification of this program.

b. Be a high school graduate.

c. Achieve an AFQT score of 50 or greater (or as announced by HQDA).

d. Meet all prerequisites and quality for the Primary Enlistment Program.

e. Choose an MOS authorized an associated option.

f. Enlist for only one incentive. (Note: unless specifically authorized by HQDA, only one incentive under this program may be given to qualified applicants.)

Prerequisites that must be met after enlistment. Enlistee must satisfactorily complete Initial Entry Training to include language training (if enlisting for language MOS). For enlistees electing the ACF, remain enrolled in the GI Bill. For enlistees electing the LRP, disenrollment from GI Bill must be accomplished. Meet and comply with provisions of Primary Enlistment Program.

Information for applicants. Applicants will be advised of the following:

a. Enlistment Bonus.

1. Enlisting for an enlistment bonus.

a. Enlistees who voluntarily, academically, or because of misconduct, fail to satisfactorily complete AIT or OSUT will be trained in another MOS. They will complete their term of enlistment based upon the needs of the Army, unless separated for administrative or disciplinary reasons. In the above instances, the bonus will not be paid.

b. Enlistees who, through no fault of their own, fail to satisfactorily complete AIT or OSUT in the MOS for which originally enlisted will be given a chance for training in another MOS and be retrained in the Army, or released from active duty if they so desire. If retrained and the new MOS is authorized an enlistment bonus, enlistee will be entitled to payment upon satisfactorily completing AIT or OSUT. The dollar value will be determined by the MOS for which trained, regardless of the MOS for which enlisted.

c. Persons who become medically or otherwise disqualified for duty in the MOS awarded and have been paid a bonus will be retrained, if necessary, and used according to the needs of the Army. Such persons will be required to complete their term of enlistment. If such later disqualification is either voluntary or the result of fault or misconduct on the part of the soldier, repayment of the unearned portion of the bonus is required. If such later disqualification is neither voluntary or a result of fault or misconduct on the part of the soldier, repayment of any part of the bonus is not required.

d. Soldiers paid the EB must (unless otherwise directed by HQDA) serve in the designated MOS for the period of enlistment. (this includes normal skill progression.)

2. The bonus. The bonus

a. Is payable up to $7,000 on completion of training (if required) and award of qualifying MOS with any remaining portion of the bonus paid in annual installments for the duration of the enlistment period.

b. Is payable at first duty station if in possession of MOS via ACASP, payment is according to (a), above, upon award of MOS.

3. Persons who do not complete their term of enlistment for which a bonus was paid because of voluntary reasons or misconduct will be required to refund the percentage of the bonus that corresponds to the unexpired part of the total enlistment period (such as the unearned portion of the bonus). Persons who immediately reenlist before completion of the term of service for which a bonus was paid will not be subject to repayment of bonus if reenlistment period exceeds remaining enlistment bonus period by at least 2 years. Unserved bonus period may not be used for SRB computation.

4. Persons who are in the DEP of another service are ineligible for this program.

5. Advise applicants that attendance at AIT requires successful completion of BT and qualification for security clearance if required.

b. Army College Fund.

1. This program provides additional education assistance in addition to that earned under the GI Bill.

2. The money earned is deposited in the soldier's VA account. Normally, the funds will be dispersed to the participant in 36 equal monthly installments while the person is enrolled in an approved program of education.

3. Soldiers who fail to complete their initial term of enlistment in the MOS which offered the ACF forfeit entitlement to all benefits provided by ACF, unless discharged for service connected disability, hardship, or convenience of the Government. If discharged for the convenience of the Government, the following minimum time must have been served: 20 months for 2-year enlistees and 30 months for all other terms (3 years or longer).

4. Soldiers who fail to contribute to the GI Bill for 12 consecutive months for any reason forfeit al benefits provided by this incentive.

c. Loan Repayment Program.

1. Soldier must disenroll from GI Bill.

2. The Government will repay a designated portion of any loan incurred that was made, insured, or guaranteed under Part B of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (Guaranteed Student Loan) or any loan under Part E of such act (National Direct Student Loan) after 1 October 75 and before enlistment into the Regular Army.

3. Provided the applicant meets and maintains the prescribed prerequisites, enlistment for the LRP ensures that the portion or amount of loan that may be repaid is 33-1/3 percent or $1,500, whichever is greater, of the unpaid principal balance for each year of service completed up to the authorized limit of the loan to be repaid.

4. Repayment is made only after each successful year of active duty performed commencing on the date of RA enlistment.

5. The soldier must be advised that repayment amounts paid by the Government are subject to Federal and State income taxes as taxable income each year that payment is made.

6. Soldiers must remain qualified and in the incentive MOS for the duration of the initial enlistment, unless otherwise directed by HQDA. Change of MOS because of normal career progression (AR 611- 201) is authorized.

Information Derived From Army Regulation 601-210

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