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United States Army Enlistment Programs
Program 9J - Army Reserve WOFT Enlistment Program

Available to: qualified applicants with or without Prior Service (PS) enlisting for (Non-Prior Service(NPS) 6 X 2) (PS 3 years).

Description of option: Guarantees applicants who meet prerequisites enrollment in the Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) program.

Prerequisites that must be met before enlistment

a. Basic eligibility criteria for enlistment a modified by this enlistment program.

b. Be at least 17 years of age and not have passed the 29th birth date at time of enlistment into USAR.

c. Meet weight standards in AR 600-9.

d. Be not over 76 inches nor less than 64 inches in height.

e. Be at least a HSDG. Preferably have 2 years of college. GED test is not acceptable (unless applicant ha 60 semester hours of college).

f. Agree to accept appointment as warrant officer for indefinite term in the USAR and serve for no less than 60 months after successful completion of the flight training course in a Troop Program unit.

g. Undergo a complete Type A medical examination for Class I flying prescribed by AR 40-501. Report on such examination will include eletrocardiographic tracing, optomology consultation, and linear anthropometric measurements.

h. Not have attended, nor have been eliminated or graduated from a previous course of military-sponsored flight or pre-flight instruction program.

i. Possess favorable NAC.

j. Be a U.S. citizen.

Prerequisites that must be met after enlistment

a. Successfully complete BT, Warrant Officer Candidate Course (WOCS), and flight officer indoctrination. Persons not required to attend BT will be sent directly to WOCS.

b. Qualify for security clearance before entering the WOCS.

Information for applicants: Applicants will be informed of provisions of lines 2 through 5 above and the following:

a. To be eligible for primary flight training, enlistees must complete the 6-week WOCS course (described in DA Pam 351-4 or DA Pam 95-1) at the U.S. Army Aviation Center, Fort Rucker, AL.

b. Applicants will be made aware of the nature of flight training and responsibilities that warrant officers assume.

c. Those who fail to meet requirements of lines 5a or b above, or who voluntarily withdraw from the WOFT program, will be required to serve the remainder of their enlistment as an enlisted member.

d. Warrant officer candidates are promoted to grade E-5 while attending WOFT (at entry into the WOCS). Individuals in c above will be reduced in grade as determined by CDR, ARPERCEN.

e. Class dates are tentative and may be changed by HQDA.

f. Inform applicants of service obligation as a member of Selected Reserve in a TPU. (See AR 135-91.)

Processing procedures

a. Normal processing procedures prescribed by Chapters 5 and 6 apply.

b. In addition, recruiting battalion commanders will-

1. See that the applicant is given help in preparing application under AR 611-85 and triplicate copies of DA Form 61 application to appointment. Reserve offices will be advised of provisions of AR 135- 100.

2. Review the application to determine whether the person is qualified to enlist for this program.

3. Arrange for necessary mental testing at the MEPS. Mental tests are administered in the sequence shown below. Failure to attain the minimum score on any of these tests will disqualify the applicant from further testing.

a. Applicants must achieve a minimum GT score of 110.

b. Applicants must score 90 or higher on the revised Flight Aptitude Selection Test (FAST) to qualify for additional processing. (Applicants who scored 270 or higher on the previous FAST may be retested only one time, but not sooner than 6 months after the original test.

c. After taking the FAST, scores of the battery composite, the rotary wing, and fixed wing will be computed on DA Form 6256 as shown in DA Pam 611-256-1. File FAST scoring worksheets of applicants who fail to achieve a qualifying score, and of those who do not enlist, in the applicant-registrant file. For qualified persons who enlist attach scoring worksheets to their enlistment records.

d. Mail scored FAST answer sheets for all applicants, regardless of scores attained, to the Commander, Army Research Institute Field Unit, ATTN; PERIOA, P.O. Box 476, Fort Rucker, AL 36362. Scored test answer sheets are considered controlled test material and will be packaged for shipment under AR 611-5. In packaging answer sheets for shipment, care must be taken to avoid damaging the sheets. Do not fold, crease, pin, clip, staple, tear, or otherwise alter answer sheets.

4. Refer applicants who meet mental prerequisites to the WOFT Examining Board for further consideration. Applicants must appear before the WOFT Examining Board before being given the medical examination.

5. Arrange for a Class I Flight Physical Examination at a military installation with a flight surgeon. The recruiting battalion will send electrocardiographic tracing, SF 88, SF 93, and medical papers for final evaluation to the Commander, U.S. Army Aeromedical Center, ATTN; ATZO-AAMC-AA-ER, Fort Rucker, AL 36362.

6. Not grant waivers for applicants who do not meet minimum prerequisites in line 4. Disqualifications that may be waived under Chapter 4 and AR 135-100 will be submitted under Chapter 4. Forward waiver requests approved for enlistment purposes to the Commander, ARPERCEN, ATTN: DARP-PATSI, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200. A decision will be made on whether or not disqualification can be waived for the purpose of appointment as a Reserve warrant officer. If the waiver request is disapproved, the applicant will be denied enlistment under this regulation.

7. See that after enlistment is completed, the application (including copies of SF 88 and SF 93 and electrocardiographic tracing), related papers and copies of orders accompany the person to his or her unit.

c. The CG, USAREC is authorized to appoint boards of officers known as WOFT Examining Boards, within each recruiting battalion. Boards will consist of at least three officers. If possible, one of the board members will be an Army aviator currently on flying status.

1. The senior board member will ensure that each applicant meets the minimum prerequisites in line 4 above.

2. The board will question the applicant on personal history, training, and experience; and on such subjects as whether the applicant possesses the degree of motivation and the determination necessary to successfully complete flight training. Each member will make an independent appraisal of the applicant on his or her overall qualifications for appointment as a warrant officer in the Army Reserve. Each board member will make his or her individual appraisal on the appropriate form provided by HQ, USAREC. On completion of the above appraisals, the board jointly will recommend acceptance or rejection of the applicant for flight training.

3. Upon a favorable recommendation from the recruiting battalion, operations will identify a TPU officer requirement using the REQUEST System Vacancy data. Upon identification of a suitable officer vacancy within a reasonable commuting distance of the applicant's home, recruiting battalion operations will notify the MUSARC Strength Management Office (SMO) to change the vacancy to a "Commander's Priority 6" and enter the applicant's name and SSN in the vacancy remarks field. A copy of the vacancy data with the applicant's name and SSN will be included in the board packet forwarded to HQ, USAREC and retained in the recruiting battalion residual packet.

Information Derived From Army Regulation 601-210

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