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Applying for "A" Schools

Are you a non-designated Seaman, Airman, or Fireman looking to take a positive step forward in your Navy career? "A" school is your answer. "A" schools provide a great opportunity to reach your full potential for advancement and professional development. How do you go about getting an "A" school? First, talk to your career counselor. He or she is an invaluable resource in determining what you qualify for, which ratings offer the best opportunities for advancement, and in getting your request submitted.

If you are already designated and want the formal training "A" schools offer, send in your request to PERS-4010S. If there are enough quotas, you may still be able to attend, but non-designated Sailors receive first priority. If you want to change ratings via "A" school, different procedures apply. You need to submit a conversion package to PERS-815.

At the "A" school assignment shop, they select qualified and competitive Sailors for this great opportunity. The assignment shop relies heavily on career counselors and professional development boards in the fleet to guide these junior Sailors towards the right career fields and the right "A" schools. A few notes for career counselors:

  • ENCORE submissions are no longer required (NAVOP 006/99 CNO WASHINGTON DC 042052ZAUG99). This means that all A-school requests will have to be forwarded to PERS-4010S via 1306 only, along with supporting documentation per Enlisted Transfer Manual (TRANSMAN) CH7.
  • Paragraph 7.07 of the Enlisted Transfer Manual TRANSMAN lists the components of the request package. All packages need to include the Sailor s ASVAB scores. Also listed is special information needed for certain ratings. If a waiver is requested, include a clear justification (see paragraph 7.02 for more on justifications and paragraph 7.16 for ASVAB score waivers).
  • Carefully check paragraph 7.17 in the TRANSMAN. This lists the required ASVAB scores, hearing and vision requirements, citizenship limitations, security requirements, and other special requirements.
  • The Sailor should clearly understand the Obligated Service requirement for the school. The OBLISERV is based on the length of the school and may be found at TRANSMAN paragraph 7.03. Some ratings are in the five-year program and may require additional service.
  • Per MILPERSMAN 1440-050, Sailors may not take the exam for one rating and request "A" school for another. Please ensure that non-designated Sailors chains of command and tenant commands are aware of this restriction.
  • If the Sailor s ASVAB scores are outside the waiverable limits, the JOBS program may be an option. Check the requirements listed in OPNAVINST 1415.1B. The following JOBS Strands have been shut down: Strand 1 (Engineering Hull - GLAKES); Strand 3 (Admin/Support - Meridian); Strand 5 (Electrical - GLAKES); Strand 6 (QM/SM - GLAKES). All other requirements listed in the TRANSMAN must be met.
  • JOBS is not available for all ratings, so another option is to retake the ASVAB test (see MILPERSMAN 1236-010).

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