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Army Warrant Officer Jobs
MOS 920B - Supply Systems Technician
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Duties: Instructs, manages, and supervises personnel within a Technical Supply or Supply Support Activity (SSA) concerning supply systems policy and functional procedures. Responsible for managing the receipt, storage, and issuance of supplies and equipment at the technical supply or DSU level in accordance with established policies and regulations. Plans stockage level requirements for stockage and control based on accumulation of demand data. Controls management of operational float stocks to ensure compliance with Army policy. Inspects supported units to ensure stockage levels do not exceed prescribed levels. Provides technical guidance to personnel of supported units/activities in order to assist, establish, and maintain adequate stockage levels for mission accomplishment. Conducts periodic inventories of stockage supply items, initiates action for disposition of excesses, and makes recommendations for changes to the authorized list (ASL). Develops standard operating procedures and performs administrative duties related to the supply activity.

Minimum prerequisites:

  • Be a SGT(P) or above
  • Minimum of six years most recent experience in MOS 92A
  • BNCOC graduate in MOS 92A
  • Have documented a minimum of two years experience in Material and Stock Control Accounting, plus one year of Warehouse Storage Operations It is essential that each applicant have documented the formal stock record accounting experience in at least two of the following areas: Stock Control NCO, Material Accounting NCO, Class IX Commodity Manager, Item Manager or Functional Analyst. This entails working with stock record accounts at the COSCOM or Division Material Management Centers (MMC) or non divisional DSU/SSA
    Have certified and documented training in at least one of the Army's several automated supply systems such as DS4, SAILS, or SARRS-O
  • Have documented a minimum of one year successfully serving in a supervisory and/or leadership position
  • Provide a hard (paper) copy of three NCOER's which reflect recent outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings in MOS 92A. Copy of three NCOER's must be provided even if already on service member's fiche
  • Have completed a minimum of six credit hours of college level English. (Successful completion of the English College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is the only acceptable substitute). Speech is not considered an English substitute. No waivers for the above prerequisites will be favorably considered.
  • Applicants exceeding 12 years Active Federal Service (AFS) must be approved by HQDA.

Preferred qualifications (Minimum plus):

  • SGT E5(P) or above with a minimum of 700 promotion points.
  • Where applicable, it is strongly encouraged that each applicant (especially those with less than 7 years service) enclose a letter of recommendation from a senior Supply Systems Technician.

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Information Courtesy of Army Regulation 611-21 and United States Army


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