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Army Warrant Officer Jobs
MOS 352G - Voice Intercept Technician
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Duties: Conducts, manages, and gives operational direction for use of IEW personnel and equipment. Performs site selection of OPSEC quality control for deployed EW assets. Ensures voice intercept operators follow established procedures and techniques. Supervises intercept, transcription, and translation of designated foreign communications. Advises commanders and staff officers on the employment, deployment, and utilization of voice intercept personnel. Defines and advises the commanders on language problem areas.

Minimum prerequisites:

  • Be a SGT (E5) or above
  • Have a minimum of four years operational experience in MOS 98G in at least two assignments
  • Have successfully completed course X3AZK085ZZ, EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor, 98G
  • Be a BNCOC graduate
  • Be qualified in at least one foreign language with a DLPT score of R2/L2 verified on the DA Form 330. Test must have been taken within the past year and a copy of the DA Form 330 must accompany the application.
  • DLAB score of 89 or higher
  • Have a current special background investigation (SBI) or Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
  • Be eligible for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)

Preferred qualifications (Minimum plus):

  • Be at least a SGT(P)/E5(P) or above
  • Have a minimum of 3 NCOERs with one in a leadership position
  • Provide a written recommendation from a senior Voice Intercept Technician who has direct knowledge of the applicant's technical ability
  • Obtain a R3/L3 in a foreign language
  • Possess an Associate Degree from an accredited college or university

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Information Courtesy of Army Regulation 611-21 and United States Army


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