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Army Warrant Officer Jobs
MOS 131A - Field Artillery Targeting Technician
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Duties: Plans, organizes, implements, monitors, and evaluates operations, threat environment, unit maintenance and intermediate level support maintenance of Field Artillery radar systems. Provides advice on technical and tactical aspects of the radar system; supervises maintenance of Field Artillery radar system equipment and components. Ensures that repairs and adjustments are completed and performs final inspection to determine operational status of repaired equipment; interprets and implements changes in technical data concerning inspection, repair, and test procedures. Instructs personnel on new or revised radar operation, employment, and repair procedures. Ensures that equipment modifications are completed as required. Performs other officer level duties essential to the mission of the assigned unit.

Minimum prerequisites:

  • Be a SGT. (E5) or above
  • Hold MOS 13B, 13C, 13D, 13E, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 82C or 93F
  • One year in a supervisory position documented by NCOER
  • Have less than 8 years active federal service
  • Have 110 or higher in ASVAB areas of FA and EL
  • Have a written recommendation from a CW3-CW5 who holds the 131A MOS

Preferred qualifications (Minimum plus):

  • Have two years in a supervisory position documented by NCOER's
  • Six hours of English and six hours of Math from an accredited college or university

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Information Courtesy of Army Regulation 611-21 and United States Army

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