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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Veterinary Corps (64)
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Branch description. The Veterinary Corps (VC) consists exclusively of commissioned officers who are qualified doctors of veterinary medicine. The Veterinary Corps encompasses those positions filled by officers in which the knowledge and skills required and the services performed are associated with the health and wel­fare of animals, the prevention of human illness from food or animal sources, the wholesomeness and quality of subsistence and experi­mental and comparative biomedical research. The functional areas of military medicine are: food, hygiene, safety and quality assurance, animal medicine, (primarily of government-owned animals), biomedical and subsistence research and development, prevention and control of animal disease of community health significance, preventive medicine, administration and teaching.

Branch qualification. Have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from a veterinary school in the United States or Canada accredited by the Council on Education of the Veterinary Medical Association. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualification for entry and promotion.

Veterinarian (64A).

Description of duties. Recommends veterinary policies and doctrine and formulates veterinary plans. Plans, organizes, executes research and development, test and evaluation activities at headquarters levels. Plans, directs, supervises veterinary activities within a command. Serves as senior veterinary staff officer at headquarters level.

Special qualifications. The AOC 64A is used for accession of Veterinary Corps Officers and identification of Veterinary specialty immaterial positions graded MAJ and above. The specialty immaterial for field grade will be coded 64A00. The incumbent must: be a field grade officer and must meet the qualifications from one of the MFA (75B through 75F) reflected in table 3-1 of Army Pamplet 611-21, have demonstrated success in previous leadership positions of increasing responsibility; be a graduate of the AMEDD Officer Advanced Course; have successfully completed U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, or possess board certification, or be board eligible to hold positions at the LTC level; and have received board certification and CGSC to hold positions at the COL level. Board eligibility/certification requirements are waiverable for the RC.

Special grading of positions. For positions graded MAJ and above.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Chief, Plans and Operation, OTSG.

(b) Chief, Animal Medicine Branch, OTSG.

(c) Chief, Veterinary Sciences Division.

(d) Chief, Veterinary Corps Branch.

(e) Veterinary Staff Officer, APPD.

(f) Veterinary Staff Officer, State Mobilization Site.

(g) Veterinary Staff Officer, Hq STARC, ARNG.

(h) Veterinary Staff Officer, Medical Bde.

(i) Veterinary Staff Officer, Medical Cmd.

(j) Veterinary Staff Officer, Hospital Center.

(k) Veterinary Staff Officer, HQ, Army.

(l) AF Team Commander.

(m) Deputy Commander, WRAIR.

(n) Commander, USAMRU.

(o) Senior Veterinarian.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21

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