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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Transportation Corps (88)
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Branch description. Manages all facets of transportation related to the planning, operation, coordination and evaluation of all methods of transportation including multi-modal systems. Commands all types of transportation, movement control and logistical organizations tasked with controlling and carrying out personnel, cargo-movements, or logistics requirements within a geographic area(s). Recommends priorities; coordinates tasks; documents cargo and/or personnel to be transported; allocates resources; and deter-mines mode(s) necessary for the optimum utilization of assets and timely mission accomplishment. Works closely with members of the sister services, and host country personnel on all manner of trans­portation plans and operations to include logistical support. Possesses expert knowledge of commercial transportation industries and practices in order to provide timely and adequate support for military/Government requirements. Plays a key role in the research, development, procurement, and life cycle management of transportation related equipment and systems. Acts as a transportation instructor advisor, staff/exchange officer with U.S. Forces or allied nations.

Branch qualifications. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualifications for entry into and professional development in this branch.

Transportation, General (88A).

Description of duties. Transportation or logistical unit/activity commander or staff officer responsible for the functional planning, coordination, procurement and control of the movement of materiel, personnel, or personal property on commercial and military trans-port; and the correlation of all facets of transportation pertaining to water, air, highway, rail and multi-modal transport systems including the assessment of transportation capabilities and the integration of transport functions, facilities and plans. Experience in two or more transportation modes (highway, rail, air, or water) is desirable.

Special qualifications. None.

Special grading of positions. None.

Unique duty position. Watercraft or Vehicle Project/Product Manager.

Traffic Management (88B).

Description of duties. Encompasses positions involving the planning, procurement, coordination and control of the movement of personnel, personal property, and freight worldwide by military or commercial transport. Since United States and foreign commercial transportation industries provide the bulk of the service and assets needed to meet DoD requirements, the Traffic Manager ensures that all assets and services are economically feasible and judiciously employed. Special skills and knowledge required may include rate/ tariff determination and knowledge of Federal/state or host country regulations and customs laws pertaining to the movement of materiel and personnel by commercial or military means. Multi-modal transportation experience is required in selected positions.

Special qualifications. None.

Special grading of positions. None.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Installation Transportation Officer.

(b) Movement Control Agency/Center Unit Commander.

(c) Passenger/Freight/Personal Property Movements Officer.

(d) Director of Inland Traffic Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC).

(e) Director of Personal Property (MTMC).

(f) Traffic Engineer.

Marine and Terminal Operations (88C).

Description of duties. None available.

Special qualifications. None.

Special grading of positions. None.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Watercraft Unit Commander/Officer.

(b) Terminal Service/Transfer Unit Commander/Officer.

(c) Director International Traffic (MTMC).

(d) Terminal Operations/Documentation Officer.

(e) Terminal or Port Commander.

(f) Marine Maintenance Officer.

Motor/Rail Transportation (88D).

Description of duties. Commander of or staff officer in a unit or activity involved in truck (motor) or rail transport planning, operations and management. Plans for and directs the utilization of equipment to include maintenance, safety, and routing, embracing the coordination with and utilization of host nation assets and road or rail networks. Plans for and accomplishes the expeditious move­ment of both personnel and cargo by motor or rail world-wide. May serve as a liaison officer with or contract administrator for both DoD, commercial or host country motor/rail assets, service, and movement requirements. Knowledge of U.S. reserve forces rail operations, procedures, and capabilities desired.

Special qualifications. None.

Special grading of positions. None.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Rail Transport Plans Officer.

(b) Rail Transport Staff Officer.

(c) Rail Equipment Maintenance Officer.

(d) Motor Transport Plans Officer.

(e) Motor Transport Staff Officer.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21

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