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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs (FA 39)
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Functional area description. Encompasses positions which re-quire officers possessing special skills relating to the conduct of PSYOP or CA. Additionally, these highly educated officers must have critical skills associated with a specific region of the world, foreign language expertise, political-military awareness, and cross-cultural communications. PSYOP and CA officers perform critical roles across the spectrum of conflict at all levels of command. In addition, both PSYOP and CA have companies, battalions, and one PSYOP group level command, which perform significant missions in support of Conventional and Special Operations, theater, and national objectives. PSYOP and CA officers play critical roles in foreign internal defense and unconventional warfare as well as other missions directed by the national command authority, in peace and war.

Functional area qualifications. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualifications for entry and professional development in this functional area.

. PSYOP or CA, General (39A).

Description of duties. Identifies those few positions in which either a CA or PSYOP officer may serve.

Special qualifications for both Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs Officers.

(a) Be fully qualified as a CPT in primary branch.

(b) Have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) score of 85 or above, or, possess a measurable ability in a foreign language.

(c) Male or female managed by the Officer Personnel Manage­ment Directorate.

(d) Be eligible for TOP SECRET security clearance under the provisions of AR 380-67.

(e) Be airborne qualified or volunteer for airborne training (if required).

(f) Possess a baccalaureate degree, preferably in social/political science or related disciplines, from an accredited college or university.

Special grading of positions. For positions graded CPT and above.

Unique duty positions. None.

Psychological Operations (39B).

Description of duties. Commands or serves on the staff of PSYOP units. Serves as PSYOP staff officer in S3/G3 at separate brigade, division, Corps, Theater Army and higher level. Serves in positions requiring general PSYOP experience and extensive training. Advises U.S. military and/or civilian agencies on use, planning, conduct and evaluation of psychological operations throughout the entire conflict spectrum, advises and instructs foreign governments and militaries on psychological operations. Most positions require regional and language expertise appropriate for specific assignments.

Special qualifications. Foreign language, cultural/regional expertise, and graduate level education is appropriate for most PSYOP assignments.

Special grading of positions. Due to the requirement for ex­ensive civilian education, language and functional military training and sensitive nature of PSYOP missions, requiring direct interface with U.S. and foreign national dignitaries without immediate supervision or guidance, the following PSYOP positions will be graded MAJ:

(a) Commander, PSYOP Regional Support Company.

(b) Commander, PSYOP Tactical Support Company.

(c) PSYOP Officer, Product Development Center (PDC) Head-quarters (Hq), PSYOP Regional Support Company.

(d) PSYOP Officer, Division PSYOP Support Element (DPSE), PSYOP Tactical Support Company.

(e) Commander, PSYOP Strategic Dissemination Company.

(f) Commander, PSYOP Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) Compa­ny, Enemy Prisoner of War Battalion.

(g) PSYOP Officer, EPW Camp Team Headquarters.

( h ) PSYOP Officer, EPW Collection Facility, Team Headquarters.

Position coding. Most PSYOP positions require AERB validation. The coding of manpower documents to indicate this requirement is the responsibility of the command where such positions reside.

Unique duty position. None.

Civil Affairs (39C).

Description of duties. Commands or serves on the staff of CA units. Serves in positions requiring general CA experience and extensive training, in S5/G5 at separate brigade, division, corps, and theater army and higher levels. Prepares economic, cultural, governmental and special functional studies, assessments, and estimates. Coordinates with, enhances, develops, establishes, or controls civil infrastructures in operational areas to support friendly operations. Provides CA advice and assistance to Division, Corps, and Army Commanders, civil para-military, and military leaders, commanders and agencies. Directs and participates in the conduct of CA conventional, foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, civil administration and other operations. Develops cross-cultural communicative and linguistic skills that facilitate inter-personal relationships in a host country environment.

Special qualifications. Foreign language and cultural/regional expertise, and graduate level education is appropriate for most Civil Affairs assignments.

Special grading of positions. CA company and detachment commander positions will be graded MAJ. These commanders, when deployed, direct CA missions independently without immediate supervision and interface directly with high ranking U.S. and foreign nationals.

Position coding. Most CA positions require AERB validation. This coding of manpower documents to indicate this requirement is the responsibility of the command where such positions reside.

Unique duty positions. None.

Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs, Designated (39X).

AOC 39X is used for personnel classification only to identify untrained officers accessed into FA 39 to indicate the officer does not meet the functional area qualification(s) outlined in DA Pam 600-3, paragraph 39-5. Upon completion of formal training or education the officer will be awarded the appropriate FA 39 AOC. AOC 39X will not be used to code positions on authorization documents.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21

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