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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Nuclear Research and Operations (FA 52)
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Functional area description. Requires the application of knowledge and expertise in nuclear weapons effects and effects research and analysis; nuclear weapons research, national and theater level strategy, plans, and policies for nuclear weapons; the plan­ning and employment of nuclear weapons to support theater and strategic operations. The functional area encompasses research and development associated with materiel acquisition; effects research and analysis; national nuclear strategy, planning, and policy formulation; and treaty formulation, verification, and monitoring.

Functional area qualification. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualifications for entry and professional development in this functional area.

Nuclear Research and Operations (AOC 52B).

Description of duties. Conducts research and analysis of nuclear weapons effects. Monitors test results and performs analysis to determine stockpile (safety and reliability) condition. Performs research on both new and fielded materiel to determine vulnerabilities to nuclear weapons effects and to improve survivability (nuclear hardening). Serves as staff officer or manager in an organization engaged in nuclear weapons research. Assists in forming national, joint and combined Army, and theater-level nuclear weapons strategy, plans, and policies (e.g. deployment, employment, survivability). Also, assists in international treaty verification, safety studies, safety reviews, safety rules development, and integrating the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Cycles for Research. Prepares, coordinates, and maintains Nuclear Accident Incident Response and Assistance (NAIRA) policies, procedures, and plans. Provides technical assistance in target analysis and employment planning of nuclear weapons at corps and echelons above corps. Conducts vulnerability analysis of personnel response to nuclear weapons effects. Recommends policies and prepares instructions for protecting personnel and property from the immediate effects of a nuclear attack. Prepares data on nuclear matters to support planning, programming and budgeting actions, Congressional hearings, and other command program documents.

Special qualifications.

(a) Must have a comprehensive baccalaureate background in a nuclear related science specialty (i.e. mathematics, physics, chemis­try, or an appropriate engineering discipline) and should have a thorough understanding of combined arms combat operations.

(b) SI 5H (Nuclear Chemical Target Analyst) will be used for positions which require assignments of personnel qualified to perform nuclear and chemical weapons analysis and nuclear vulnerabil­ity assessments.

(c) SI6X (Army Research Associates Program) desired for Headquarters, DOE positions and all DOE national laboratory positions. SI 6X is also desired for other positions (DA/DoD) requiring the incumbent to have had previous DOE/national laboratory operations experience.

Special grading of positions. For positions coded CPT and above.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Nuclear Research Officer.

(b) Nuclear Physicist.

(c) Nuclear Weapons Analyst.

(d) Research Associate.

(e) Research and Development Coordinator.

(f) Nuclear Effects Officer.

See Army Pamplet 600-3-52 for more information.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21

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