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Army Commissioned Officer Jobs
Logistics (FA 90)
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Functional area description. Ensures the development of officers to the grade of COL who are competent in planning and directing logistics operations from the factory to the foxhole, across the entire spectrum of logistics functions (that is; arm, fix, fuel, move and sustain the force). Provide progressive career and leader development through challenging command and staff assignments in logistics management. The FA 90 position identifier is used in personnel authorization documents to identify logistic officer posi­tions in the grade of CPT to COL. These positions require experience in synchronizing and integrating the functions of supply and services, transportation, maintenance, aviation logistics, and medical service. FA 90 is a dual-track functional area for basic branch TC, OD, QM, and AOC 15D and 67A officers. Officers who meet the criteria for certification in FA 90 must also meet equivalent certifi­ation in their basic branch in the grade of MAJ, LTC, and COL.

Functional area qualification. DA Pam 600-3 lists qualifica­tion for entry and professional development in this functional area.

. Logistics (90A).

Description of duties. Serves in a logistics officer position at DA staff, Joint staff, MACOM staff, Corps, Division, Group, Bri­gade, or Battalion. Responsible for planning, developing, and directing logistics operations, to ensure integrating the functions of supply and services, transportation, maintenance, aviation logistics, and medical service.

Special qualifications.

(a) Served in a FA 90 assignment for at least 24 months.

(b) Attended the support operations course.

(c) Possess an advanced degree in logistics management.

Special grading of positions. For positions coded CPT and above.

Position coding. AOC 90A will be used in the first three positions and “00” will be used in the fourth and fifth positions.

Unique duty positions.

(a) Director of Logistics.

(b) Support Operations Officer.

(c) Plans and Operations Officer.

(d) DA Logistics Staff Officer.

(e) Security, Plans and Operations Officer.

(f) JCS Logistics Staff Officer.

(g) DoD Logistics Staff Officer.

(h) MACOM Logistics Staff Officer.

(i) Division, Corps ACofS G4 or MACOM equivalent.

(j) Maneuver Brigade S4.

(k) Logistics School Assistant Commandants.

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet Manual 611-21

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