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Army Guard/Reserve Commissioned Officer Career Information
Officer Evaluation Reporting System (OERS)
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Purpose. The Officer Evaluation Reporting System provides commanders and board members with:

(1) A means to promote a top down emphasis on leadership communication; integrating rated officer participation in objective setting, performance counseling and evaluation.

(2) A continuing appraisal of each officer’s performance as a member of the ARNG and USAR.

(3) An assessment of the officer’s potential for positions of in-creased responsibility.

(4) Information useful in making decisions concerning the offi­cer’s branch, functional area and AOC.

Best qualified concept. Information in the OER is correlated with other qualification data to develop the best qualified officer. Thus, realistic sources of vital information are derived for use in assignments, promotions and training opportunities for additional career development.

Performance counseling. An important element for an officer’s evaluation is performance counseling by the rater. Using DA Form 67-9-1, Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, or DA Form 67-9-1a, Junior Officer Developmental Support Form, the rater and the rated officer can agree on goals and performance objectives for the rating period and steps that can be taken by the officer to prepare for promotion and positions of higher responsibility. The commander’s responsibility in developing officers and the officer’s personal responsibility for managing his or her career are enhanced by quality counseling and performance appraisal. During the rating period, quarterly counseling is mandatory for lieutenants. The counseling goal for captains is once, around the midpoint of the rating period (3-6 months), and as needed for field grade officers.

Academic Evaluation Report. DA Form 1059, Service School Academic Evaluation Report, documents the aptitude, capabilities, accomplishments and academic progress of RC officers while atten­ding courses of instruction at Army service schools, Reserve Component Training Institutions (RCTI) or other Army sponsored courses of instruction. Officers receive this report regardless of the duration of the course of instruction or training or their status within the RC system (TPU, IMA, IRR, etc.). Since RC officers in the IRR receive Academic Evaluation Reports, they should be familiar with the report’s mechanics and concept and cognizant of the ramifica­tions and importance of this alternate method of officer evaluation.

However, an AER is not a substitute for an officer evaluation report (OER). (See AR 623-1 for further guidance.)

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet 600-3

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