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Army Commissioned Officer Career Information
Promotion flow
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Changes in authorizations, losses and promotions to the next higher grade create fluctuations in both the time in service (TIS) and time in grade (TIG) at which promotions occur. Under ideal circumstances, each qualified officer would advance through the grade structure with some degree of predictability. However, a relatively standardized promotion flow does not occur consistently due to expansion and contraction of the Army, changes in promotion policies and variations in officer losses each year.

Title 10 USC establishes minimum TIG requirements for promotion to the next higher grade as shown in table below.

c. The promotion timings, as stated in Department of Defense Instruction 1320.13 are expressed in terms of the years of Active Federal Commissioned Service (AFCS) at which promotion occurs. The promotion opportunity (DOPMA rate), as stated in DODI 1320.13, is the percentage of total selects over the eligible in-the-zone population. Promotion timing and opportunity objectives are shown in table below.


Promote to: Time in Service Time in Grade
Promotion Opportunity (DODI)
18 months
18 months
Fully qualified
4 years plus 1 year
2 years
Best qualified (90 percent)
10 years +/- 1year
3 years
Best qualified (80 percent)
16 years +/- 1 years
3 years
Best qualified (70 percent)
22 years +/- 1 year
3 years
Best qualified (50 percent)

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Above information derived from Army Pamplet 600-3

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