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Army Aviation Medical Standards
Mental disorders
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The below disqualifying conditions are in addition to the disqualifying conditions listed in the Military Medical Accessions Medical Guide. Unlike medical waivers to join the military, medical waivers for aviation duty are much harder to come by.

The causes for medical unfitness for flying duty Classes 1/1A/2/2F/2S/3 are:

The minimum psychiatric evaluation will include Axis I, II, and III, using diagnostic criteria and terms found in DSM–IV.

a. History of any psychotic episode evidenced by impairment in reality testing, to include transient disorders, from any cause except transient delirium secondary to toxic or infectious processes before age 12.

b. History of mood disorder, to include major mood disorders, depression, cyclothymic, dysthymic, and mood disorders not otherwise specified.

c. History of anxiety disorder, somatoform disorder, or dissociative disorder, including but not limited to those disorders previously described as neurotic. History of any phobias or severe or prolonged anxiety episodes, after age 12, even if they do not meet the diagnostic criteria of DSM–IV.

d. History of factitious disorders and disorders of impulse control not elsewhere classified.

e. History of pervasive or specific developmental disorders usually first seen in childhood. Stuttering, sleepwalking, and sleep terror disorders if occurring after the 14th birthday.

f. History of personality or behavior disorder. Personality traits insufficient to meet DSM–IV criteria for personality disorder diagnosis may be cause for an unsatisfactory Aeromedical Adaptability (AA) rating (formerly Adaptability Rating for Military Aeronautics (ARMA)).

g. History of any adjustment disorder until reviewed by the Aviation Medicine Approving Authority.

h. Excessive alcohol use.

(1) History of alcohol abuse or dependence by DSM–IV criteria is disqualifying for all Classes.

(2) History of alcohol misuse is disqualifying for all Classes. Alcohol misuse is defined as involvement in an alcohol-related event that should or does lead for referral for addiction dependence or abuse.

i. Drug misuse, abuse, or dependence. History of misuse or abuse of any controlled substance, and/or use of any illicit drugs, including marijuana and psychoactive substances for all Classes.

j. History of suicide attempt or gesture at any time.

k. Insomnia, severe or prolonged.

l. Unconscious (neurotic) fear of flying manifested as psychiatric or somatic symptoms. Refer aircrew with a conscious fear of flying, that is, those who have made a conscious choice not to fly, to the aviation unit commander for a nonmedical disqualification and flying evaluation board (FEB). (See AR 600–105.)

m. Recurrent episodes of fainting, near-syncope, vasomotor syncope, or vasomotor instability until reviewed by the Aviation Medicine Approving Authority.

n. Emotional responses to situations of stress, either combat or noncombat, when such a reaction may interfere with the efficient and safe performance of an individual’s flying duties as determined by review by the Aviation Medicine Approving Authority.

Flight Classes

Specific Flight Class Medical Examinations are:

Class 1 - Warrant Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 1A - Commissioned Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 2 - Current Aviators, Current Student Aviators, and Previous Aviators Returning to Aviation Service
Class 2F - Flight Surgeons, Including Those in Flight Surgeon Training
Class 2S - MOS 13F, Assigned to Aerial Fire Support Observer Duty
Class 3 - Non Rated Soldiers who Participate in Regular Flights (Crew Chiefs, Gunners, UAV Operators, etc.)
Class 4 - Air Traffic Control

Derived from Army Regulation 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness

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