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Army Aviation Medical Standards
Lung and chest wall
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• Aviation Medical Standards

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The below disqualifying conditions are in addition to the disqualifying conditions listed in the Military Medical Accessions Medical Guide. Unlike medical waivers to join the military, medical waivers for aviation duty are much harder to come by.

The causes for medical unfitness for flying duty Classes 1/1A/2/2F/2S/3 are:

a. Pneumothorax, spontaneous.

(1) Classes 1/1A. A history of spontaneous pneumothorax.

(2) Classes 2/2F/2S/3.

(a) Single instance of spontaneous pneumothorax within the last 2 months, and until clinical evaluation shows complete recovery with full expansion of the lung, normal pulmonary function, and with no additional lung pathology, or other contraindication to flying.

(b) Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax; waiver may be considered if effectively treated by pleuridesis and/or pleurectomy with complete recovery and successful completion of an altitude chamber ride to 18,000 feet.

b. Pneumothorax, traumatic, as outlined in a(2)(a) above.

c. Pulmonary tuberculosis or tuberculous pleurisy; except chemoprophylaxis for tuberculin test conversion only is not disqualifying.

d. Presence of bullae.

e. Sarcoidosis.

Flight Classes

Specific Flight Class Medical Examinations are:

Class 1 - Warrant Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 1A - Commissioned Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 2 - Current Aviators, Current Student Aviators, and Previous Aviators Returning to Aviation Service
Class 2F - Flight Surgeons, Including Those in Flight Surgeon Training
Class 2S - MOS 13F, Assigned to Aerial Fire Support Observer Duty
Class 3 - Non Rated Soldiers who Participate in Regular Flights (Crew Chiefs, Gunners, UAV Operators, etc.)
Class 4 - Air Traffic Control

Derived from Army Regulation 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness

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