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Army Aviation Medical Standards
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• Aviation Medical Standards

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The below disqualifying conditions are in addition to the disqualifying conditions listed in the Military Medical Accessions Medical Guide. Unlike medical waivers to join the military, medical waivers for aviation duty are much harder to come by.

The causes for medical unfitness for flying duty Classes 1/1A/2/2F/2S/3 are:

a. Infection. Any infectious process of the ear until completely healed, except mild asymptomatic external otitis.

b. External ear.

(1) Deformities of the pinna that cause distractions or hearing loss while wearing protective headgear.

(2) History of post auricular fistula.

c. Middle ear.

(1) Barotitis media, until resolved.

(2) History of cholesteatoma.

(3) History of chronic or recurrent Eustachian tube dysfunction.

(4) Otosclerosis.

(5) History of simple, radical, or modified radical mastoidectomy.

(6) Any surgical procedure in the middle ear that includes fenestration of the oval window or horizontal semicircular canal, any endolymphatic shunting procedure, stapedectomy, the use of any prosthesis or graft, or reconstruction of the stapes.

(7) Tympanoplasty, until completely healed with acceptable hearing and motility, as documented by current ear–nose–throat evaluation.

d. Inner ear.

(1) Abnormal labyrinthine function.

(2) History of perilymph fistula.

(3) Tinnitus, except when associated with high frequency hearing loss.

(4) History of vertigo, except physiologic vertigo induced by gravity forces, aircraft spins, or Baranay chair.

Flight Classes

Specific Flight Class Medical Examinations are:

Class 1 - Warrant Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 1A - Commissioned Officer Aviation Duty Applicants
Class 2 - Current Aviators, Current Student Aviators, and Previous Aviators Returning to Aviation Service
Class 2F - Flight Surgeons, Including Those in Flight Surgeon Training
Class 2S - MOS 13F, Assigned to Aerial Fire Support Observer Duty
Class 3 - Non Rated Soldiers who Participate in Regular Flights (Crew Chiefs, Gunners, UAV Operators, etc.)
Class 4 - Air Traffic Control

Derived from Army Regulation 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness

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