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United States Army Special Qualifications Identifier (SQI)


V5 Military Police Investigation

a. Description of positions. Identifies positions requiring soldiers qualified in investigation of criminal offenses for which the maximum punishment is confinement at hard labor for less than one year; of fenses involving larcenies of property valued at less than $1000 in which the occurrence does not involve another major crime or the stolen property is not of a sensitive nature; and offense involving use and/or possession of nonnarcotic controlled substances when the amount and other factors indicate it is for personal use only. Partici pates in activities for the prevention of crime outlined above.

b. Qualifications. Must successfully complete the Military Police In vestigation Course.

c. Restrictions. For use with MOS 95B and 95C only.

Information derived from Army Pamplet 611-21. Current as of Nov 2000.

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