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United States Army Special Qualifications Identifier (SQI)

S Special Operations Support Personnel

a. Description of positions. Identifies selected positions for Special Operations support personnel.

b. Qualifications.

(1) Must be Airborne qualified (except for GMF 67 and MOS 93P).

(2) Successfully complete OJT/OJE and serve 24 months in their primary MOS with a SOF unit (may be waived up to 12 months) or, successfully participate in at least 2 unit exercises (these exercises may be a result of unit training or actual mission requirements).

(3) Or, successfully complete Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). Soldiers completing both SFAS and SFQC will be awarded the SQl and the Special Forces Tab.(Note: These courses are closed to female soldiers).

(4) Award of SQl will be accomplished in accordance with AR 600- 200, paragraph 2-33a(1).

c. Restrictions. Positions identified by SQl 'S' are used only with support MOS 25M, 25R, 25V, 31C, 31F, 31L, 31P, 31R, 31S, 31U, 31W, 31Z, 33T, 35E, 35J, 35L, 35N, 350, 35R, 35W, 44E, 45B, 46R, 51Z, 52D, 54B, 55B, 55D, 62B, 63B, 63H, 63J, 63S, 63W, 63Z, 67T, 67U, 67V, 67Y, 67Z, 68B, 68D, 68F, 68G. 68H, 68J, 68K, 68L, 68N, 68X, 71G. 71D, 71L, 71M, 73C, 73D, 73Z, 74B, 74C, 75B, 75H, 76J, 77F, 81Z, 83E, 83F, 88M, 88N, 88Z, 91B, 91E, 91S, 92A, 92G. 92R, 92Y, 92Z. 93P, 95B, 96B, 96D, 96H, 96Z, 978, 97E, 970, 98C, 98G, 98H, 98J, 98Z in SOF organizations.

Withdrawal of the SQl may occur when the local SOF commander determines the individual to be un-qualified or at the request of the individual.

Information derived from Army Pamplet 611-21. Current as of Nov 2000.

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