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United States Army Special Qualifications Identifier (SQI)

L Linguist

a. Description of positions.
(1) Identifies positions in TAADS that require proficiency in a designated foreign language. In position classification, this character will be used in conjunction with any MOS requiring language proficiency.

(2) The appropriate 2-digit language identification code contained in AR 611-6 will be used to identify the specific language in the 8th or 9th character of its MOS code. Similarly, language identification codes will be used to identify qualified linguists who have been awarded any SQl other than L.

b. Qualifications. Must meet Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension for foreign languages requirement outlined in AR 611-

c. Restrictions, Since linguist skills are rare, positions will be consid ered to require linguist qualified personnel only when such qualification is mandatory for efficient performance in the job. Language identifica tion codes contained in AR 611-6 will be used in MTOE and TDA to identify language requirements of positions.

Information derived from Army Pamplet 611-21. Current as of Nov 2000.

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