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Army Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
Additional Information for 92A--Automated Logistical Specialist
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92A’s (Automated Logistical Specialists) handle the largest portion of the Army’s logistics needs. It’s a broad MOS with lots of assignment possibilities, covering what used to be 5 separate MOS’s just 7 years ago. They can serve in warehouses, ration distribution points, or as clerks in maintenance shops.

Warehouse 92A’s handle the distribution of nearly every type of supply, with the exception of medical supplies (91J) and bulk fuels (77F). They will be assigned to a support battalion consisting of several companies containing mechanics, medics, fuelers, and other specialty repair and maintenance soldiers. Within the battalion, most 92A’s are assigned to a company that runs the warehouse. Most units of this type are deployable, depending on their level of support. For example, a Forward Support Battalion (FSB) will deploy with “their” Brigade level combat units for training and real world missions, while a Main (MSB) will rarely need to send their 92A’s.

Daily duties for new soldiers consist of receiving and separating incoming supplies, processing them for distribution to the supported units, receiving and preparing excess and repairable used parts for reshipment, and general reporting and stock control functions. There’s a lot of lifting and carrying, but 92A’s also operate several types of Materiel Handling Equipment (MHE), ranging from small electric lifts and carts, to monstrous rough terrain forklifts capable of lifting over 30,000 lbs.

Duties for senior 92A’s in these units consist of managing the various sections of the warehouse and preparing and interpreting reports.

TISA’s (Troop Issue Subsistence Activities) are the Army’s distribution points for all types of foodstuffs. Not many 92A’s are assigned here; usually 3-5 soldiers work with a crew of civilian contractors. Duties here are similar to warehouse 92A’s but on a smaller scale. TISA 92A’s are responsible for proper storage, date rotation of perishable food items, and issue to the supported units’ Foodservice Specialists (92G).

Maintenance 92A’s work in several echelons, from Unit Level Maintenance with individual companies, to Direct Support, General Support, and Depot Level shops.

At the Unit Level, 92A’s work as PLL/TAMMS clerks (Prescribed Load List/The Army Maintenance Management System), and are responsible for maintaining records of services performed, ordering and managing repair parts, dispatching vehicles and equipment, and maintaining operator licensing records. PLL/TAMMS clerks are normally assigned one per company, and the typical battalion will have 4 junior enlisted clerks supervised by a SGT/E-5. They are assigned to, and supervised by the maintenance NCO, and will usually be the only 92A in the company. This is a very high profile job, since the vehicle drivers, mechanics, armorer, Supply Sergeant, company Executive Officer, Maintenance Officer, and Commander will need something from you. A good PLL/TAMMS clerk can make or break a company’s maintenance program.

Direct Support, General Support, and Depot 92A’s handle major repair maintenance record keeping. They will be assigned to the Shop Office, usually 2-5 soldiers with one NCO. 92A’s here track man-hours for everything from welding and engine exchange at DS, to complete engine, transmission, and even vehicle rebuilds at Depot. They are also responsible for managing the repair parts used at this level, similar to a Unit Level PLL/TAMMS clerk.

Finally, there are the staff assignments. Junior soldiers can be assigned to a Support Command, where they will collect logistics data for the entire Division or Corps.

92A’s can be assigned to any of these areas, regardless of previous assignment. A warehouse clerk may find herself in a motor pool or TISA at her next duty station, while some may never see anything other than a desk at DISCOM and COSCOM staffs.

Promotion is generally fast through SGT/E-5. Motivated soldiers can earn SGT within their first enlistment, but SSG/E-6 promotions are difficult due to limited need for 92A’s at this rank. The promotion cutoff score to 92A SSG/E-6 has been nearly maxed since the MOS was created. Those few who make it “over the hump” can usually look forward to an excellent chance of selection for SFC/E-7, and later for MSG/E-8.

Above Information Courtesy of SSG Gregory W. Besaw

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