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Army Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
62N-Construction Equipment Supervisor
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Note: The Army plans to restructure this job to MOS 21N. For details, see the feature article about Upcoming Enlisted Job Restructuring.

Major duties. (NOTE: This is not an entry level job). The construction equipment supervisor supervises construction equipment, quarry, paving, and plant equipment operations, and crew maintenance of equipment.

(1) Skill Level 3. Supervises employment and maintenance activities related to lifting, general and heavy construction equipment in support of construction operations. Estimates equipment and operator requirements for specific jobs. Assists in supervision of unit engaged in construction equipment operation. Organizes and directs well drilling operations. Directs combat engineering missions.

(2) Skill Level 4. Devises network flow diagrams such as the critical path method and coordinates work activities of supporting units. Provides supervision over all engineer construction equipment operations. Develops and executes a quality control plan. Plans and organizes for combat engineering missions.

Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS. Construction equipment supervisors must possess the following qualifications:

(1) Physical demands rating--N/A.

(2) A physical profile of 222221.

(3) Red/green color discrimination.

(4) A minimum score of 90 in aptitude area GM,

Additional skill identifiers.

(1) C3--Well Drilling.

(2) P5--Master Fitness Trainer.

(3) 2S--Battle Staff Operations (skill level 3 and above).

(4) 4A--Reclassification Training.

Training/School Information.

Information derived from Army Pamplet 611-21

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