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World War II

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WW11 SC Coll-Ord-Tanks-Lt.Tanks-M3 #124360
Showing the equipment and crew of the M3 tank. The members of the crew are (L-R) STAFF SGT L. D. Sample, Soulde, SC; PVT Harold Postner, Baton Rouge, La; STAFF SGT Pelak Gilley, Newton, Ala, Ft Benning, Dec 18, 1941.
File size: 109K

WW11 SC-Constabulary Units, 15th Constab 250124
SGT Harold Green, in charge of the 15th Constabulary Motorcycle Platoon, is shown as he previews the troopers for the daily inspection of their uniform, motorcycles, and pistols. Germany
File size: 16K

WW11 SC 11th Airborne Div-188th Parachute Inf 394287
GEN Mark Clark, Chief of Army Field Forces, arrives at Camp Drum to inspect units participating in the joint Army-Air Force Maneuver "Exercise Snowfall". GEN Clark is inspecting the 11th Airborne Div Honor Guard with LT GEN Willis D. Crittenberger, 8 Feb
File size: 64K

WWII SC Coll Ord-Tanks-Med-M3 #3 141774
CPL Phillip Margherito of HQ. Co. 752nd Tank Btn., takes a cooling drink from his canteen. CPL Margherito is from Newark, New Jersey. Desert Training Center, Indio, Calif 6-10-42.
File size: 74K

RG117S A. K. Doolittle Coll. Folder 1
LT COL Hilbert L. Bair.
File size: 47K

RG117S A. K. Doolittle Coll. Folder 3
GENERAL Clayton Bissell.
File size: 48K

RG117S A. K. Doolittle Coll. Folder 13
1ST LT Edward M. Haight.
File size: 48K

WW11 SC Coll Propaganda-US-#1 146361
Scene from motion picture film, "Why We Fight". Copied from 35mm motion picture film for Special Services Division, October 1942.
File size: 77K

WW11 SC Coll Propaganda-US-#1 146373
Scene from motion picture film, "Why We Fight". Copied from 35mm motion picture film for Special Services Division, October 1942.
File size: 88K

WW11 SC 11th Airborne Div-511th Parachute Inf 261998
PVT James Law, Springfield, Ohio, of Co A, 1st Bn, 511th Parachute Inf, Regt, is frying his own chicken for a Thanksgiving dinner a short ways behind the front lines on Leyte Island, PI, 23 Nov 1944.
File size: 24K

WW1 SC Coll Ord-Tanks-Lt.Tanks-M3#124359
Front view of M3 tank open, showing position of drivers and gunners. Fort Benning, Ga, Dec 18, 1941.
File size: 80K

WW11 SC Coll Ord-Tanks-Med-M4 #4 147967
Desert Training Center in Freda, California.
File size: 76K

WWII SC Coll Monuments-Pacific Area
The "Little Guy's Memorial". Buglers of 77th Inf Div sounds taps after the unveiling of a monument marking the spot where Ernie Pyle met his death. Monument built by men of the 1118th Combat Engineer Group.
File size: 75K

WWII SC Coll Ord-Tanks-Med-M4 #4 167455
Exact model of the US Army tank, built in the 105th Bn, 23rd Regt, MRTC, Camp Jos P. Robinson, Arkansas. Named "The Old Wyoming" in honor of LT Wenburg, who is shown in this picture.
File size: 128K

WW11 SC Coll Monuments-Germany 208812
Large portraits of Pres. Truman, Premier Stalin, and Prime Minister Churchill posted on a Russian grandstand in Berlin, 6 July 1945.
File size: 93K
Note: All photos are official U.S. Army Photos. Photos are "Public Domain" and may be freely copied or downloaded."


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