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United States Army
Basic Training Operating Instructions

Rite of Passage Ceremony

1.  The Rite of Passage immediately follows the end of the 15k footmarch after the FTX.  It marks the completion of all mandatory training and the final transition from “trainee” to “soldier”.  It is a fitting end to a tough training and character-building event, and special emphasis should be made by the cadre that these soldiers are now ready to proudly join their ranks.  A momento is presented to each soldier by their drill sergeant (US Army brass for the Class A uniform), everyone recites the Soldiers Creed, sings The Army Song, and the company enjoys a big Victory Breakfast afterwards.

2.  Depending on when the company begins the footmarch, the ROP will either be conducted at Victory Grove or East West Field. 

                a.  If it is daylight, form platoons on line in company formation in front of the trees facing the flag at Victory Grove (in front of Cherry Hall, Building 6559).

                b.  If it is dark, form the company on East West Field with the lights on (across from the Battalion Headquarters, Building 6549).

3.  Sequence of Events:

The Ceremony

Units move directly to the hardstand where they ground their equipment and  are formed up and moved into position.



BN CDR/CSM returns the salute and states:  BEGIN THE CEREMONY


NARRATOR:  Soldiers of the 46th Infantry, your presence in this formation is not by chance but through sheer determination.  The history of the Army is full of change, and the last eight weeks have changed you.  With the completion of your training here today you have become a member of the most highly trained, potent fighting force in the world.  The training you received allows you to enter the Team of Teams:  “Americas Army.”  Entrance into the Army is a rite of passage that you have now earned.  At this time look to your _______ at our nation’s colors.  You now belong to a brotherhood that, on a moment’s notice, can deploy anywhere in the world and conduct any mission in defense of those colors. 

As General Douglas MacArthur once said, “Yours is a profession of arms-- the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory; that if you lose, the nation will be destroyed.”

This evening when you return to the barracks and look at yourself in the mirror,  no longer will you see Bill Williams the civilian, now your reflection is PVT Williams, an American Soldier who is trained and ready to defend his country.

(At this time all Drill Sergeants come forward and present their soldiers with US Army brass)

NARRATOR: (Upon completion of the Drill Sergeants presenting the momentos)   THE BATTALION COMMANDER/COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR

Remarks by CDR/CSM.


NARRATOR:  REPEAT AFTER ME:  Narrator reads Soldiers Creed

The Army Song is played (all sing)



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Note: These Operating Instructions were derived from a set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for a United States Army Infantry Basic Training Battalion. While SOPs might differ somewhat from batallion to batallion, it should give a basic idea of the instructions that Drill Sergeants and basic training staff members operate under.

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