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United States Army
Basic Training Operating Instructions

Hand-to-Hand Combat

1.  Reference:  BDT POI 21-114; FM 21-150

2.  Use East-West Field’s sawdust pit and the wireless speaker system.

            a.  In severe weather coordinate for Sawdowski Field House or Otto Gym.

            b.  When conducted indoors, use floor mats.

3.  The Primary Instructor will use demonstrators and instruct by phase while remaining drill sergeants closely supervise to ensure the soldiers are using the proper technique.

4.  Have privates practice each move after it is demonstrated.

5.  Completion of both blocks of Hand to Hand instruction is mandatory.

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Note: These Operating Instructions were derived from a set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for a United States Army Infantry Basic Training Battalion. While SOPs might differ somewhat from batallion to batallion, it should give a basic idea of the instructions that Drill Sergeants and basic training staff members operate under.

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