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I.DESCRIPTION. a. Regular Size: The badge, 2 inches in diameter, consists of an eagle with wings displayed horizontally grasping three crossed arrows all gold bearing on its breast a shield paleways of thirteen pieces argent and gules a chief azure, a gold annulet passing behind the wing tips bearing thirteen gold stars above the eagle and a wreath of laurel and olive in green enamel below the eagle, the whole superimposed on a silver sunburst of 33 rays.

        b. The miniature badge is 1 1/2 inches in diameter and is of the same design as the regular size badge except the shield has 9 stripes (5 white and 4 red).

        c. The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) lapel button is 37/64 inch in diameter and the shield has five stripes (3 white and 2 red).

II. SYMBOLISM. The elements on the OSD badge are taken from the Department of Defense seal.

III. AWARD ELIGIBILITY. Criteria for award of the OSD Identification Badge is established by DOD Directive 1348.13.

IV. DATE APPROVED. The badge was originally approved as the National Military Establishment Identification Badge by the Secretary of Defense per memorandum dated 25 March 1949. It was redesignated the Department of Defense Identification Badge on 28 August 1950. The badge was reestablished and redesignated the Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge by DOD Directive 1348.13 dated 20 December 1962 and authorized for service of not less than one year subsequent to        13 January 1961.


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