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Air Force Officer Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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AFSC 64P4, Staff
AFSC 64P3, Qualified
AFSC 64P1, Entry

Specialty Summary. Plans, organizes, manages, and accomplishes contracting functions to provide supplies and services essential to Air Force daily operations and war-fighting mission. Included are accomplishing contracting system processes, formulating contracting policy and procedures, coordinating contracting activities, and directing contracting operations. The contracting system includes effective acquisition planning, solicitation, cost or price analysis, evaluating offers, source selection, contract award, and contract administration. Related DoD Occupational Group: 8D.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Accomplishes contracting processes and functions. Performs acquisition planning to include analyzing purchase requests and technical documents for suitability and determining the proper contracting method and contract type. Prepares and distributes solicitations. Evaluates offers, including cost or price analysis, contractor responsibility and responsiveness to solicitation, and evaluating other selected factors (e.g., quality, contractor management and facilities, delivery, etc.). Selects contract source, assembles contracts, and makes awards. Administers contracts to ensure contract compliance. Negotiates modifications, and takes termination actions for convenience of the government or for default.

Coordinates contracting activities. Advises commander and staff on contracting operations, as well as impact of new directives and policy on the contracting system. Coordinates with other functional activities to accomplish advance planning and ensure adequacy and correctness of contracting approach, lead-time, purchase descriptions, specifications, funding, etc. Confers with other government agencies, military departments, and commercial concerns to explain mission requirements, contractual interpretations, and policy, program interpretation. Coordinates with staff agencies to accomplish overall mission.

Formulates contracting policies and procedures. Analyzes contracting system and establishes policies and procedures necessary to improve contracting process and its customer support. Establishes policies based on sound business practices and highest standards of ethical conduct and fiscal responsibility. Develops automated systems essential to enhancing contracting efficiency. Manages military and civilian career development programs to ensure individuals have the opportunity for training, education, and experience needed for mission success and personal advancement.

Plans, organizes, and directs contracting operations. Directs contracting functions and fosters environment where contracting activities and customers form teams dedicated to meeting Air Force requirements. Determines organizational structure, physical facilities, and personnel requirements for accomplishing contracting responsibilities. Directs accomplishment of contracting system functions, ensures contracting system is responsive to mission needs and requirements, and ensures compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Develops and implements internal systems and processes, manual and automated, required to accomplish and monitor the contracting mission.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of contracting process fundamentals, federal acquisition and contracting directives and publications, budgeting and funding procedures, and contract pricing.

Education. For entry into this specialty, undergraduate academic specialization in business administration or management is desirable.

Training. For award of AFSC 64P3, it is mandatory to complete a basic central system or operational level contracting officer course, and Principles of Contract Pricing course, or completion of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Master of Science Program in Contracting Management.

Experience. For award of AFSC 64P3, a minimum of 12 months of experience in contracting assignments is mandatory. Also, experience in functions such as determining applicable methods of contracting; developing invitations for bids and requests for proposals; evaluating bids and proposals; and awarding, administering, and terminating contracts.


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Above Information Derived from AFMAN 36-2105


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