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Air Force Officer Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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AFSC 47K4, Staff
AFSC 47K3, Qualified
AFSC 47K1, Entry

Specialty Summary. Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases, abnormalities, injuries and dysfunctional disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures in children. Directs pediatric dentistry service. Related DoD Occupational Group: 6C.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases, abnormalities, injuries, and dysfunctional disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures in children. Examines child patients and interprets radiographs and diagnostic tests to determine type and extent of dental diseases and disabilities or dysfunctions. Evaluates findings and prescribes type, extent, and order of treatment required. Restores health and function of carious, fractured, or otherwise defective teeth. Provides behavior management techniques. Performs oral surgery, endodontic, prosthodontic, and interceptive orthodontic treatment on children. Provides consultation services.

Directs the pediatric dentistry service. Formulates and implements procedures governing operation of the pediatric dentistry service. Determines equipment, material, and personnel required to accomplish treatment of children. Coordinates with other dental and medical services. Instructs dental officers and technical assistants in pediatric dentistry procedures and techniques.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Fulfillment of the education and training requirements satisfy this requirement.

Education. For entry into this specialty, a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine degree from an American Dental Association accredited college or university is mandatory.

Training. For award of AFSC 47K3, completion of a residency in pediatric dentistry, acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, is mandatory.

Experience. None.

Other. None.

Specialty Shredouts:


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Above Information Derived from AFMAN 36-2105


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