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Air Force Officer Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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AFSC 42B4, Staff
AFSC 42B3, Qualified
AFSC 42B1, Entry

Specialty Summary. Plans, develops, and manages physical therapy programs and activities. Implements research activities. Provides and conducts training in physical therapy. Evaluates patients and treats disabilities requiring physical therapy. Related DoD Occupational Group: 6H.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plans, coordinates, controls, directs, and evaluates physical therapy activities. Determines and implements policies and procedures pertaining to physical therapy program and activities. Determines requirements for physical therapy services including personnel, equipment, supplies, and continuing education. Establishes professional care standards and establishes and appraises performance levels of subordinates. Coordinates the physical therapy program within the medical facility. Establishes and maintains liaison with civilian and governmental agencies regarding physical therapy. Develops and implements teaching programs and research activities related to physical therapy.

Plans and develops physical therapy treatments, procedures, and programs. Reviews clinical records and case histories. Interprets requests for physical therapy services. Evaluates patients and determines the type and frequency of physical therapy treatment necessary to assist in the habitation or rehabilitation of patients. Confers with referring medical officer. Makes recommendations regarding the use or adjustment of braces, prostheses, and other related appliances used to support and assist the mobility of the patient.

Administers physical therapy treatment programs. Supervises the professional phases of physical therapy. Administers physical therapy diagnostic tests and treatment programs. Observes patient’s response to treatment and modifies the program to accelerate recovery. Records all pertinent data in the patient’s medical records. Participates in quality assessment program.

Serves in an advisory and teaching capacity. Acts as a consultant to the medical staff on physical therapy matters. Makes recommendations on staffing, physical plant design, and distribution of physical therapy equipment. Establishes requirements and coordinates and conducts educational programs to meet department and facility needs. Evaluates effectiveness and efficiency of physical therapy programs and continuing educational activities.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of physical therapy programs and activities, and physical therapy treatments and diagnostic tests.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of a course in physical therapy acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, is mandatory.

Training. None.

Experience. For award of AFSC 42B3, a minimum of 24 months of experience is mandatory in physical therapy assignments, including planning, managing, and administering physical therapy treatments and activities.

Other. For award and retention of AFSC 42B3, a state license or registration to practice physical therapy is mandatory.

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Above Information Derived from AFMAN 36-2105


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