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Air Force Officer Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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AFSC 36M3, Qualified
AFSC 36M1, Entry

Specialty Summary. Commands mission support squadrons. Directs and monitors development and operation of programs such as military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and professional military education (PME). Integrates aspects of legal, chapel, social actions, and medical services. Related DoD Occupational Group: 7C.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plans programs for military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and PME activities. Participates in determining quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements. Provides for personnel development programs, recommending plans and policies for education and training of personnel in technical, professional, and scientific areas. Provides leadership necessary to ensure aggressive and comprehensive family support programs. Oversees budget requirements of all areas of command.

Monitors and coordinates military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and PME activities. Approves fund expenditures for all functional area management activities. Monitors and approves operating plans and policies for activities such as civilian position classification and wage administration and personnel procurement, testing, assignment, individual training, transfer, promotion, separation, welfare, education, equal opportunity, applications management, and family support management. Monitors and prepares regulations, letters, directives, and publications concerning military and civilian personnel; education; family support; and PME management methods, procedures, and policies. Monitors and determines effectiveness of military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and PME management programs.

Advises Support Commander on status of all functional management activities. Coordinates military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and PME programs with staff directors and other squadron commanders. Coordinates on other program elements, including family housing and personnel facilities. Coordinates with comptroller activities in projecting budget requirements and allocating funds to military and civilian personnel, education, family support, and PME management programs. Represents command management and confers with local civilian agencies and community representatives such as newspapers, schools, and public services to explain mission and exchange ideas on projects.

Integrates functional branches of mission support squadron. Facilitates communication and coordination across functional boundaries of internal branches. Promotes efficient use of common functional resources (e.g., budget, computer support, readiness requirement, redundant (yet slightly different) programs and procedures, etc.). Stimulates aggregated forecasting and troubleshooting both externally for customer future needs and internally for the squadrons future needs.

Specialty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of personnel utilization, education and training methods, equal opportunity, human relations, family support and counseling, and PME.

Education. For entry into this specialty, a Master’s degree in personnel, industrial engineering, industrial management, education, psychology, business administration, or public administration is desirable.

Training. None.

Experience. For award of AFSC 36M3, a minimum of 12 months of experience is mandatory.

Other. For entry into this specialty, qualification in and possession of AFSC 36P4 is mandatory. NOTE: AFSC 36M3 is not authorized for use without Prefix C.

Specialty Shredouts:


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Above Information Derived from AFMAN 36-2105


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