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Air Force Flying Physical

Medical Examination Standards


Flying Classes II and III.

Personnel wearing orthodontic appliances need not have appliances removed for phys ical qualification. After consultation with the treating orthodontist, the local flight surgeon may qualify the individual for flying duties if there is no effect on speech or the ability to wear equip ment with comfort.

Severe malocclusion which interferes with normal mastication or requires protracted treatment.

Diseases of the jaw or associated structures such as cysts, tumors, chronic infections, and severe periodontal conditions which could interfere with normal mastication, until adequately treated.

Aircrew members in Dental Class III or who have a significant dental defect which may be expected to cause a dental emergency during flight will be grounded. ARC members are managed JAW paragraph 14.14.1. of this instruction.

Classes I and IA. In addition to the above:

Dental defects such as carious teeth, malformed teeth, defective restorations, or defec tive prosthesis, until corrected.

Anticipated or ongoing treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances.

Information derived from Air Force Instruction 48-23, Current as of Dec 2000.


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