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Air Force Medals and Ribbons

NATO Medal-Former Republic of Yugoslavia

This award is authorized by the Secretary General of NATO for specific NATO operations relating to the Republic of Yugoslavia. In accordance with Executive Order 11446, the Secretary of Defense, with concurrence of the Secretary of State, has approved acceptance and wear by U.S. Service members who meet criteria specified by the Secretary General of NATO. Acceptance of the NATO Medal has been approved for U.S. Military personnel who serve under NATO command or operational control in direct support of NATO operations in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, or as designated by Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR), from 1 July 1992 - 12 October 1998. Please refer to DoD 1348.33-M, Chapter 7, paragraph E.1.k. for specific individual eligibility requirements.

To recognize subsequent awards (if approved by the Secretary of Defense) for service in a different NATO operation, U.S. Service members will affix a bronze service star to the NATO Medal suspension medal and ribbon.

Graphics & Information Courtesy of United States Air Force


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