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Air Force Medals and Ribbons

United Nations Medal

Awarded to service members who are or have been in UN service with one of the following:

UN Observation Group in Lebanon; UN Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine; UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan; UN Security Forces, Hollandia; UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia; UN Advance Mission in Cambodia; UN Protection Force in Yugoslavia; UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara or UN Operations in Somalia, to include US Quick Reaction Force members; UN Iraq/Kuwait Observation Group; and UN Mission in Haiti.

The UN Secretary General determines amount of service required and individual eligibility. Military personnel presently serving or who have served are awarded the UNM in the field by the UN Secretary General's senior representative.

Old Wear Policy - In the past, Air Force members could accept the unique medal presented by the UN for the specific operation, but only wear the standard UNM and ribbon. The standard UNM is the bronze medallion suspended on the ribbon which is blue background and two white stripes with coordinating service ribbon).

New Wear Policy - The Assistant Secretary of Defense approved a revision to the wear policy for UNMs. Air Force members now accept and wear the first UNM with unique suspension and service ribbon for the mission/operation in which they qualified and affix a bronze service star for each subsequent UN mission/operation in which they participate and qualify. NOTE: Air Force members will not wear more than one unique UNM/ribbon

Graphics & Information Courtesy of United States Air Force


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