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Air Force Medals and Ribbons

Medal for Humane Action

This medal is awarded to personnel who were assigned or attached to and present for duty for at least 120 days during the period 26 Jun 48 and 30 Sep 49, inclusive, with any of the units cited in Department of the Air Force general orders for participating in the Berlin Airlift or for direct support of the Berlin Airlift. The Medal for Humane Action may be awarded to foreign armed forces members and civilians (US and foreign) for meritorious participation in the Berlin Airlift. In each instance, however, an individual recommendation indicating meritorious participation is required. Persons whose lives were lost while participating in the Berlin Airlift, or as a direct result of participating in the Berlin Airlift, may be awarded the Medal for Humane Action without regard to the length of the service provided all other requirements are met.

The medal is 1 ¼ inches in diameter, depicting a C-54 airplane in a wheat border centering the Berlin coat of arms. The ribbon is predominantly blue with black edges, followed by white, red, and red and white stripes. The center bears three stripes, white, red, and white, in the order named.

Graphics & Information Courtesy of United States Air Force


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