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Air Force Medals and Ribbons

Air Force Recruiter Ribbon

Air Force Recruiter Ribbon: On 21 Jun 00, the Secretary of the Air Force established the Air Force Recruiter Ribbon to recognize those officer and enlisted personnel who perform the challenging duty of Air Force recruiting. The ribbon was designed to acknowledge past, present, and future Air Force recruiters who display the extraordinary commitment and dedication required to perform this important function. For eligible personnel, the Air Force Recruiter Ribbon is valued at two WAPS points. The ribbon criteria for active duty, reserve, and guard personnel are as follows: - Individuals will be authorized to wear the Air Force Recruiter Ribbon on a temporary basis while performing recruiting duty immediately upon graduation from Air Force Recruiting School. - Wear of the Air Force Recruiter Ribbon will become permanent after successful completion of 36 months of duty as an Air Force Recruiter. The Air Force Recruiting School Commander (AFRS/CC) may waive the minimum qualifying tour length if an individual cannot complete the tour for a valid reason. - Each additional 3 years of assignment as an 8R000 (enlisted recruiter special duty identifier) or 83R0 (officer special duty identifier) entitles the member to an oak leaf cluster. - The authorization to wear the ribbon is retroactive for any individual who has successfully completed 36 months of duty as an Air Force recruiter and is currently on active duty or a member of a reserve component as of the establishment date of 21 June 2000. - The AFRS/CC may withdraw authorization to wear the ribbon for those who are eliminated from the recruiter program for disciplinary reasons. For more information on WAPS points, personnel should contact their local MPF Promotions and Testing Section. For information concerning the ribbon and its wear, contact your local MPF Awards and Decorations Section. (Weighted Airman Promoted System Point Value: 2)

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