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USMC/Air Force Jobs Conversion Chart
USMC MOS's Which Convert Directly to Air Force AFSCs
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Special procedures apply when a prior service individual wishes to join the United States Air Force.

In general, if a prior service member is already qualified in a job that the Air Force current has requirements for, that individual MUST enlist in that job.

If the Air Force currently has no requirements, or if that individual was in a job that does not directly translate to an Air Force AFSC, only then can the person enlist in a different job.

In most cases, this chart should also depict the opposite.

In other words, prior service Air Force personnel who's AFSC are listed below should be able to get a pretty good idea about whether or not their AFSC converts to a Marine Corps MOS.

Here are Marine Corps enlisted jobs which directly transfer to Air Force Jobs:




Marine MOS Air Force AFSC Marine MOS Air Force AFSC
0121 3S031 3536 2T131 (note 1)
0151 3A031 3537 2T131 (note 1)
0231 1N031 3538 2T131 (note 1)
0291 1N032 4066 3C031
0431 2T231 4067 3C032
0451 2T231 4313 3N032
0481 2T231 4341 3N031
0491 2T231 4641 3V032
1391 2F031 4671 3V033
2311 2W031 5813/4/5/9 3P031
2813 2E632 5952 2E132 (note 2)
2818 2E231 (note 2) 5954 2E031 (note 2)
2821 2E231 (note 2) 6492 2P031
2823 3C231 6521 2W131
2833 2E131 6531 2W131
2841 2E133 6542 2W031
2861 2E133 6591 2W131
2884 2E031 (note 2) 6821 1W031
3043 2T231 6842 1W031A
3052 2T231 7252 1C131
3109 2T231 7253 1C131
3361 3M031 7254 1C131
3372 9G000 7382 1A231 (note 2)
3381 3M031 8151/2 3P031
3529 2T131 (note 1)    
3531 2T131 (note 1)    
3533 2T131 (note 1)    
3534 2T131 (note 1)    
3535 2T131 (note 1)    

Note 1. Must have performed duty in the convertible skill within the past 18 months

Note 2: Must be reviewed by the AFCFM before awarding AFSC.

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