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Army/Air Force Jobs Conversion Chart
Army MOS's Which Convert Directly to Air Force AFSCs
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Joining the Military
Enlistment Qualifications

Special procedures apply when a prior service individual wishes to join the United States Air Force. In general, if a prior service member is already qualified in a job that the Air Force current has requirements for, that individual MUST enlist in that job. If the Air Force currently has no requirements, or if that individual was in a job that does not directly translate to an Air Force AFSC, only then can the person enlist in a different job.

In most cases, this chart should also depict the opposite. In other words, prior service Air Force personnel who's AFSC are listed below should be able to get a pretty good idea about whether or not their AFSC converts to an Army MOS.

Here are Army jobs which directly transfer to Air Force Jobs:

Amy MOS Air Force AFSC Amy MOS Air Force AFSC Amy MOS Air Force AFSC
25M 3V031 67U 1A131B (note 2) 91D 4N131
25R 3V032 67U 2A532 91E 4Y031
25V 3V033 67X 2A532 91X 4C0X1
31C 3C131 67Y 1A131B (note 2) 91E/N5 4Y032
31F 2E231 (note 2) 67Y 2A532 91K 4T031
31L 2E632 71L 3A031 91K/M2 4T033
31S 2E131 73C 6F031 (note 2) 91M 4D031
35E 2E133 73D 6F031 (note 2)
44B 2T335 74C 3C031 91P 4R031
46Q 3N031 74D 3C031 91P/M5 4R031A
46R 3N032 74F 3C032 91Q 4P031
54B 3E931 74G 2E231 (note 2) 91S 4E031
55B 2W031 75B 3S031 91S/N4 4B031
55C 2W031 75C 3S031 91T (note 2) 4E031
57E 3M031 75D/H 3S031 91X/M8 4C031 (SEI 475)
62B 2T331 (note 1) 76J 4A131 92A 2S031
67R 1A131B (note 2) 88H 2T231 92Y 2S031
67S 1A131B (note 2) 88M 2T131(note 1) 93C 1C131
67T 1A131B (note 2) 91B 4N031 93P 1C031
63B/D/G/ T 2T334 (note 1) 91B 4N031-496 95B 3P031
63E H J/NS/W/Y 2T331 (note 1) 91B 4N031A, B 96B 1N031
63S T 2T331 (note 1) 91B /N3 4J031 96D 1N131
67N 2A532 91B /N9 4J032 98C 1N431
67R 2A532 91B /P1 4N131C 98G 1N331
67T 2A532 91B /P2 4N131D 98J 1N531
67Y 1A131B (note 2) 91B /P3 4V031 98K 1N531
67V 1A131B (note 2) 91C/M3 4N031-486

Note 1. Must have performed duty in the convertible skill within the past 18 months

Note 2: Must be reviewed by the AFCFM before awarding AFSC.

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