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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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Special Duty Summary: (Note: This is a special duty assignment job. It is not available to new enlistees). Performs postal finance, mail handling, locator service, and mail distribution functions. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 554.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs postal financial services. Sells postage stock. Responsible for postage stock issued by accountable postmaster and funds derived from sale. Maintains adequate postage stock to service patrons. Responsible for blank money orders issued by accountable postmaster. Sells and cashes postal money orders. Remits fund from postage stock and money orders to United States Postal Service (USPS).

Accepts items for mailing. Advises patrons of applicable postal and customs requirements Determines packing adequacy for acceptance. Computes charges for postage and special service fees. Prepares appropriate special service forms and affixes appropriate endorsements. Safeguards and accounts for items accepted as registered mail. Operates automated and manual scales. Maintains separate accountability for personal and official mail meters.

Performs receipt and dispatch functions. Provides security for all mail. Collects mail from mail collection boxes. Postmarks and cancels outgoing mail. Checks for proper postage, and verifies forwarding endorsements. Separates and sorts mail into proper classes and destination or off-load points. Ties sorted mail into bundles, and affixes routing slips. Places mail in pouches or trays, and prepares and affixes routing labels. Prepares mail routing schemes. Prepares manifest for mail, and ensures dispatch by most expeditious means consistent with established schedules and transportation category. Receives incoming mail from military or commercial carriers. Checks manifest against mail received to ensure proper receipt. Sorts incoming mail according to mail distribution schemes, and delivers mail to postal activities. Provides security for registered mail at commercial terminals. Records accountable mail on receipts before delivery.

Operates postal service centers. Provides postal directory service. Distributes mails in mail receptacles or via delivery window. Measures mail transit times. Issues and closes mail receptacles.

Maintains postal records, prepares forms and reports, and performs postal supply functions. Prepares and submits postal operations plans and reports. Maintains USPS publications, current mail distribution schemes, military post office location lists, mail distribution instructions, and labeling catalogs. Processes USPS claims for lost or damaged mail. Maintains adequate supply of postal forms and equipment, and requisitions replacement items.

Special Duty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of USPS, DoD and AF Postal publications and forms. and arithmetic computations.

Education. For entry into this SDI, completion of high school or general educational equivalency is desirable. Also, courses in business, English, mathematics, and keyboarding are also desirable.

Training. For retention of this SDI, completion of the postal operations course is mandatory.

Experience. For entry into this SDI, experience in face-to-face dealing with the public, in the handling of funds, and mail processing is desirable.

Other. Not used.

Strength Req: K

Physical Profile 211221

Citizenship Yes

Required Appitude Score: A-32

Technical Training:

Course #:E5ABA8M000 001

Length (Days): 28

Location: FJ

Possible Assignment Information

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