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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
8C000, Family Support Center
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Specialty Summary. (Note: This is a special duty assignment job. It is not available to new enlistees). Administers activities of a base family support center (FSC), including family readiness functions, and acts as liaison between the FSC and supporting military and civilian agencies. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 500.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides leadership and management support for FSC operations. Serves as the principal military advisor to the FSC staff and as the liaison to the military community. Instructs staff on base mission, protocol, and other military issues. Provides both military and civilian families assistance and support before, during, and after times of local or national emergency or disasters, mobilization, deployment, separation, or evacuation (to include Safe Haven staging operations). Develops, implements and evaluates goals and objectives to effectively manage day-to-day operations of the FSC. Interprets and implements policies for effective operation. Assists FSC staff to develop readiness publications, plans, marketing, education, and training. Designs and conducts evaluation systems used to measure the FSC’s effectiveness.

Supports FSC functional mission. Consults with on- and off-base supporting agencies and base senior NCO leadership to determine what services are available and to ensure family programs and services are responsive to the needs of service members and their families. Represents the FSC’s involvement in base contingency and disaster preparedness planning and family readiness educational initiatives directed toward service members and their families. Provides information to base leadership on issues and trends affecting base personnel and their families. Promotes family preparedness through education, marketing , and member and family participation in family readiness support activities. Promotes the FSC programs at Chief's Groups, First Sergeant Groups, Commander's Calls, Base INTRO, and in other forms. Assists in planning and coordinating family policy and programs. Researches base family demographics as they relate to family issues and concerns. Coordinates and assists with the base Community Action and Information Board or similar groups. Plans and coordinates operational support for the FSC programs. Responsible for FSC pre-deployment, deployment, and reunion issues as they relate to families.

Directs FSC logistics management. Develops and executes FSC budget, including appropriated and nonappropriated funds. Expends funds to obtain supplies and equipment necessary to fulfill FSC mission. Safeguards equipment against loss, misuse, or theft. Coordinates with base contracting on local purchase items and nonpersonal service contracts. Inspects FSC facility for safety hazards, fire hazards, maintenance requirements, and housekeeping activities.

Manages FSC information management operations. Directs activities of the FSC information management staff. Establishes suspense files or systems. Edits and reviews all outgoing correspondence. Ensures required statistical data is compiled and reported. Manages the FSC records management, publications, and forms requirements. Ensures FSC complies with Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and For Official Use Only requirements.

Provides assistance to service members and families. Assists service members and families with advance planning and preparations for deployments and extended separations. Develops and makes available educational material and information relating to extended family separations. Briefs and assists families during absence of military member, emergencies, and natural disasters. Responsible for FSC family support groups and other organized activities (external to the FSC) providing family assistance during emergency and contingency operations.

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of personnel management, financial and resource management, professional support functions, base deployment mission and issues, Air Force organization, and administration.

Education. For entry into this SDI, completion of high school or general educational equivalency is mandatory. 3.3. Training. For retention of this SDI, one of the following training requirements is mandatory:

Completion of the Family Support Center training course. Completion of prescribed training directed by the Air Force Office of Family Matters.

Experience. Not Used.

Other. The following are mandatory for entry into this SDI:

Qualification in any AFSC at the 7- or 9-skill level, and be in the grade of E-6, E-7, or E-8.

Ability to write effectively and speak distinctly.

Familiarity with and understanding of a wide range of Air Force programs affecting personnel policy, housing management, education, and other family programs.

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile 333333

Citizenship No

Required Appitude Score: N/A

Technical Training:

Course #: N/A

Length (Days): N/A

Possible Assignment Information

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