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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
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Special Duty Summary. (Note: This is a special duty assignment job. It is not available to new enlistees). Conducts basic military training for nonprior service airmen, including those of the Air Reserve Forces, and initial military training for cadets of the United States Air Force Academy. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 012.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plans, organizes, and directs basic and initial military training. Plans and organizes military training requirements. Determines requirements for training, facilities, space, equipment, visual aids, and supplies to support military training requirements, and monitors the training program to ensure effective use of support items. Plans and organizes phases of training, student flow, and flight assignments, consistent with available facilities. Plans the use of nonappropriated funds for training activities or equipment.

Inspects and evaluates military training activities, personnel, and facilities. Conducts periodic inspections of training activities and assists training units in correcting training deficiencies. Evaluates personnel undergoing military training, to include performance and adaptability. Counsels and advises individuals on training problems. Identifies nonprior service personnel unfit or unsuitable for retention in the Air Force.

Prepares and maintains files and records pertinent to basic and initial military training. Prepares and maintains a training record on each individual undergoing training. Prepares reports and records about student accountability. Maintains completed training record files for historical review.

Instructs on basic and initial military training. Instructs indoor and outdoor military training subjects using demonstration-performance and lecture methods. Uses film projection equipment in support of training objectives. Provides remedial training for nonprior service personnel undergoing this military training.

Special Duty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: principles, techniques, and methods of instruction; use of visual aids; learning processes; curriculum development; training evaluation; and counseling methods and techniques.

Education. Not used.

Training. For retention of this SDI, completion of the Military Training Instructor course is mandatory.

Experience. For entry into this SDI, qualification in any AFSC at the 5-skill level or higher (3-skill level if no 5-skill level exists) is mandatory.

Other. The following are mandatory as indicated:

For entry into this SDI:

1. Recommendation by unit commander for military training instructor duty.

2. Interview and favorable recommendation by a psychologist or psychiatrist (if none assigned, a physician conducts an interview and provides a recommendation).

For entry, award, and retention of this SDI:

Ability to speak distinctly.

Possession of high standards of military appearance and conduct.

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile 121221

Citizenship No

Required Appitude Score: G-48

Technical Training:

Course #:L3ALR8B000 001

Length (Days): 70

Location: L

Possible Assignment Information

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