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Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
SDI 8A100 - Career Assistance Adviser
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Specialty Summary. (Note: This is a special duty assignment job. It is not available to new enlistees). Manages Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) program. Principal advisor to commanders and supervisors on retention issues. Assists commanders and supervisors in career counseling. Develops, supervises, and manages Air Force retention programs; advises on career progression and planning; monitors mandatory pay and benefits briefing programs; and conducts advertising and publicity programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Advises officers and airmen on enlisted retention activities and programs. Conducts interviews to determine factors that negatively influence the career decision and develops programs to address local concerns. Provides information and guidance on career decisions. Monitors mandatory pay and benefits briefings program to ensure eligibles are briefed at appropriate intervals. Helps commanders develop career information and motivation programs. Assists supervisors and commanders in counseling enlisted personnel on reenlistment opportunities and benefits. Advises separating enlisted personnel on Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard program benefits and opportunities. Monitors retention programs, and provides reports and statistics to help commanders assess retention trends.

Develops publicity programs. Plans and directs promotional projects to promote continued service. Works with ARC counterparts and recruiters to advertise benefits and opportunities of Reserve and Guard duty. Prepares and distributes publicity to airmen contemplating a career decision. Writes copy and edits simple news stories and advertisements celebrating the Air Force experience.

Special Duty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of the organization, mission, policies, personnel management with emphasis on personnel and administration, and counseling techniques.

Education. Not used.

Training. For retention of this SDI, completion of the Air Force CAA course is mandatory within six months of assignment to a CAA position.

Experience. Not used.

Other. The following are mandatory as indicated

For entry into this SDI:

Be in the grade of E-7 or higher.

Prior qualification in any AFSC at the 7- or 9-skill level.

Be recommended by unit commander.

Ability to speak distinctly.

Possess high standards of military appearance and conduct.

Strength Req: G

Physical Profile 333233

Citizenship No

Required Appitude Score: G-45

Technical Training:




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