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First Sergeant Duty

First Sergeants are selected through two methods; The Commander's Identification Option Program and by retraining.

The Commander's Identification Option Program was established to aid commanders in filling local vacancies in a timely manner. It allows the commander to select from within his/her unit when a replacement is not identified within 90 days of the incumbent's departure. The individual must be a volunteer, in the grade of MSgt, approved by the local First Sergeant Selection Board, and be recommended by the MAJCOM Senior Enlisted Advisor, and releasable from their current AFSC. Selectees are required to attend the First Sergeant Academy and receive a two year in-place stabilized tour.

The retraining program was established to encourage highly qualified MSgts to retrain into the First Sergeant Career Field. To further encourage participation, members are provided a base of choice (includes CONUS and overseas long-tour areas) and a two year deferment from reassignment if in the CONUS. The basic eligibility is determined through the local First Sergeant Selection Boards (see AFI 36-2130 for details). The assignment request is considered by AFPC upon receipt of retraining applications from the base/MAJCOM. If requested base is not available, the member may withdraw his/her application. Individuals applying who are currently on the Chronically Critical Skills list should understand their application may not be approved due to overall manning (all grades), not just the manning in a given grade.


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