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Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing (EQUAL)

EQUAL is the assignment listing which advertises most of our enlisted assignments which are sending people overseas and providing CONUS assignments for overseas returnees. These assignments are advertised and matched eight times a year (four cycles each for those going to and from the overseas area). The listing tells you what is available by AFSC, grade, and location. It allows you to align your preferences to actual Air Force needs. .

CONUS members are eligible for reassignment to overseas locations when they have completed the required time on station (TOS). The normal TOS requirement for overseas assignment is 12 months for first-term airmen and 24 months for career airmen. In addition to TOS requirements, members must meet established quality control criteria for reassignment (not under Article 15 punishment, not on the Control Roster, not in Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation, no rating of 2 or lower on latest EPR, etc.). You also need to be eligible to obtain the required retainability for the assignment you are volunteering for. For example, you are a married TSgt nearing your high year of tenure and are only able to get 36 months of retainability (you only have 36 months after the RNLTD of the advertised requirement, before you retire) and you see a requirement for Yokota AB on EQUAL for your AFSC and grade. You know that if you volunteer as an extended tour volunteer you have a higher priority than a standard tour volunteer. But guess what? You can't be an extended tour volunteer because you can't obtain the required 48 months of retainability and the computer would not select you. So to be properly considered for this Yokota requirement, you would need to volunteer for the standard tour length of 36 months.

Overseas members with an indefinite DEROS are eligible for a consecutive overseas tour (COT) anytime after completing their original tour. Individuals with an established DEROS can also be considered for a COT but can only volunteer for advertised requirements with a reporting date (RNLTD) equal to your DEROS month or the following two months. For example, if your DEROS is Jan, you are eligible to compete for assignments with Jan, Feb, or Mar reporting. You must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in AFI 36-2110.

If you are not selected for a COT assignment or didn't volunteer because you want to return to the CONUS, you will compete for a CONUS assignment during your overseas return cycle. You must have 12 months retainability after DEROS to be considered for a return assignment. You only need 7-12 months if you're on a short tour where the accompanied tour is not authorized, and high year of tenure restricted from getting the full 12 months. If you do not have or obtain the required retainability by the required date, your DEROS will be involuntarily extended to match your DOS. For answers to questions or other specific information on retainability issues, contact your local MPF or Commander's Support Staff.

Military personnel married to military personnel DO NOT use the overseas returnee EQUAL list. AF couples DO use the overseas EQUAL listing to apply for overseas assignments, including COTs. For more information, see the Join Spouse Program topic.


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