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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

EFMP allows the assignment of airmen to valid manning requirements where suitable medical, educational, or other resources are available to treat the family member. It provides special assignment consideration to AF members who have a spouse, child, or dependent adult with medical conditions requiring prolonged hospitalization or out-patient treatment.

The initial reassignment or deferment is to establish a treatment program. If subsequently selected for a CONUS assignment, the local EFMP officer verifies availability of adequate facilities to meet the family member's needs. If unavailable, the member requests assignment be changed to a location where appropriate care is available for the dependent.

If subsequently selected for a long-tour overseas location, regardless of volunteer status, and dependent travel is delayed due to a lack of special educational services (SES) or medically related services (MRS), AFPC can provide a diversion to a MAJCOM/SG pinpointed location. If a pinpointed assignment cannot be provided, then the assignment may be canceled.

If subsequently selected for long-tour overseas location as a non-volunteer where adequate general medical services (GMS) do not exist, the member may apply for short tour to avoid disrupting EFMP and minimize family separation. If no short-tour requirements exist, member must serve the all-others tour length. Member can request an assignment back to the same location upon return from overseas to continue an a volunteer to exchange assignments. Once approved, the participating individuals pay for all expenses involved and travel time is charged as leave. See the CONUS assignment exchange topic for additional information.


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