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Base of Preference (BOP)

This program authorizes a BOP for first-term airmen in conjunction with the Career Airman Reenlistment Reservation System (CAREERS) retraining, or an in-place BOP for career airmen or first-term airmen not retraining under CAREERS.

First-term airmen are afforded the opportunity to apply for a BOP in conjunction with CAREERS retraining. Career airmen may submit an in-place BOP application after completing three years, five months on station. First-term airmen not retraining under CAREERS may also apply after completing 17 months on station. (Note: consecutive in-place BOPs are not authorized.)

The key factors you must know are:

  • member's vulnerability for overseas selection is a determining factor in approving/disapproving in-place BOP requests -- know your vulnerability!
  • all approvals result in a 2-year assignment deferment


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