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1. Assignment Distribution System

2. Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing (EQUAL)

3. Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing-Plus (EQUAL-Plus)

4. First Sergeant Duty

5. Enlisted Joint/Departmental Assignments

6. Humanitarian Reassignment and Deferment Program

7. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

8. Permissive Reassignments

9. Base of Preference (BOP)

10. CONUS Assignment Exchange

11. Join Spouse Program

12. Voluntary Stabilized Base Assignment Program (VSBAP)

13. Assignment of Non-CONUS Residents

14. CONUS Assignment SWAP Program

15. Date Eligible to Return from Overseas (DEROS) Forecast System (DFS)

16. Overseas Volunteer Program

17. Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program (OTEIP)

18. Home-Basing and Follow-On Assignment Program

19. Voluntary Enlisted CONUS Assignment Program (VECAP)

20. Overseas Tour Selection Priority

21. Overseas Returnee Prioritization

22. Force Structure Assignment Procedures

23. Retrainee Assignments

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