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Army Civilian Aquired Skills Program (ACASP)

To qualify for MOS: 91B10N9

Titled: Physical Therapy Specialist

With later appointment to: E4

The following criteria must be met:

a. Possess an Associate Degree in Physical Therapy from a Physical Therapist Assistants' Program accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association and a State license to practice. In States where a license/certification to practice as a PTA is not contingent upon program completion, applicant may submit a copy of current license/ certification with appropriate letters of recommendation reflecting a minimum of 1 year work experience as a PTA. At least one letter must be forwarded by the individual's immediate supervisor. The application must be approved by Chief, Physical Therapy Branch, Academy of Health Sciences.

b. Must complete 91B training under the auspices of the AMEDDS& S prior to proficiency training, or have completed a National Registry Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) course.

c. Proficiency training must be performed under supervision of a Physical Therapy officer (AOC 65B) or an NCO qualified in this MOS.

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Information from Army Regulation 601-210

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