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Boot Camp Challenge
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Boot Camp Challenge
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"Just as you think you're going to die, you hear Staff Sergeant Fear yell out, "You animals are going to do this until you do it right -- even if that takes all frigging night! Grab your bags, and get your butts down to the Pad. Move it!"

Sergeant Bellows yells in your ear, "That means you too, dopes! Move it! If you know what's good for you, you will not be the last animal on the drill pad. Move!"

Luckily, even exhausted as you are, you're closer to the door than most of the other recruits, and you make it to the drill pad in the middle of the herd.

As soon as you're lined up, over the gasps and the pants, the loudest of which are yours, you hear the familiar scream of Staff Sergeant Fear, "Back up stairs! You have 45 seconds! You'd better get it right this time! Move!"

This time you hold firmly onto your bag as you run up the stairs with the rest of the unorganized crowd. As you stop in front of your bunk, the loud voice invades your ears again.

"Not good enough, you lazy pigs! Back down stairs! Move! Now, damn it! Now! Now! Now!"

For the next 15 minutes, it's up and down the stairs. Each time, the group seems to get a little more organized, with less pushing and shoving. Finally the results seem to satisfy (barely) the high standards of Staff Sergeant Fear.

As you are panting and gasping in front of your bunk, he says, "That's better. It still ain't all that good, but it's better. You animals will learn how to get in and out of this bay within 30 seconds even if it kills each and every one of you."

Staff Sergeant Fear walks up and down the narrow aisle in the center of the bay, hands on his hips, disdainfully looking at the ragged, heavy-breathing recruits lined up in front of the bunks.

"You children look tired. Almost ready for beddy-bye. Even though you don't deserve it, the regulations say we've got to feed you. Who's hungry?"


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Above Photo Courtesy of United States Air Force

Welcome to Boot Camp Challenge

Boot Camp Challenge is an interactive, on-going adventure, starring our hero (Private G. I. Joe), who (with your help) is trying to make it through military boot camp. If you haven't started at the beginning, here's your chance to do so.

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