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Policies and Procedures

21 Gun Salute
The history of the 21 Gun Salute, which is used to render honors to deceased veterans.

Are we too Casual About War?
Is armed conflict becoming too commonplace? Should we casually deploy forces when other countries disagree with us?

Are you Ready to be Drafted?
Serious talk of a military draft is just starting to be heard in our Nation.

Body Piercing
The Army's official position and policy on body piercing, according to Army Reg 670-1.

Child Support & Alimony Garnishment
Got a garnishment order for Child Support or Alimony? Step-by-step on how the Defense Finance Accounting Office handles garnishment orders.

Child Support/Alimony Garnishment FAQ
FAQ from the DFAS about Child Support and Alimony garnishment procedures.

Procedures to obtain U.S. Citizenship for active duty members and military family members.

Code of Conduct
U.S. Military Code of Conduct for personnel who are captured by the enemy.

Credit Card Payments
Paying official credit card bills directly from your travel voucher payment.

Feres Doctrine
Famous Supreme Court Decision which states that active duty military cannot sue the government for injuries received incidental to military service.

Flag Ceremony - Precidence
The order of precidence for U.S. military services when marching together in a ceremony.

Flag Ceremony - Retreat
Detailed discription of the military ceremony to lower the U.S. Flag at the end of the day.

Flag Ceremony - Reveille
Detailed discription of the military ceremony for raising the U.S. Flag at the start of the day.

Flag customs and rules
Tips and rules for the proper display of the United States Flag.

Flag Folding
Step-by-step procedures for the correct folding of the United States Flag.

H.R. 2966
Text of a Bill introduced on 28 Sep 99 in the House to restore lost medical benefits to military veterans and retirees.

Knowledge is Power!
Want the power? Look it up in the regulations on the Internet.

Legal Residence
Explaination of "legal residence" for military personnel, along with requirements to change your residence.

Military Legal Assistance
Article describing legal assistance available for military personnel.

Navy Policy on Gays
Navy message clarifying the Navy's position on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Policy.

Oath of Office
Oath of office for a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

It used to require a trip to the orderly room to read an Air Force regulation. Now you can look up a regulation online.

Regulations & Publications
You don't have to go to the orderly room to look it up in the reg anymore. Here's a complete listing of Army regulations and publications online.

Frequently asked questions about the Army policy on Tattoos.

Uniforms, Air Force
Policy for retired Air Force members on when and where the service uniform may be worn.

Frequently asked questions about DFAS payment system for retired pay divised under the provisions of the USFSPA.


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