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History and interesting trivia about U.S. Military rank and insignia.

Rank & Insignia
Chart which shows all the service's military rank & insignia side-by-side for easy comparison.

Rank (Rate) and Ratings Chart
Navy rate (rank) and ratings (insignia) charts.

Rank History
History of Officer and Warrant Officer Rank and Insignia.

Rank History
History of the U.S. Army enlisted insignia. This page makes for fascinating reading.

Get a copy of your military records for free from the National Personnel Records Center.

Records Correction
Information about appealing information in your Air Force military records, such as performance reports, decorations, promotions, etc.

Records Correction (Discharge)
Information about appealing type and characterization of a discharge.

Details about the FY 2000 Involuntary Retraining Program for the Air Force..

Retraining from Non-Promotable MOS's
Army policy about re-training out of an MOS which has no promotion opportunities.

Seaman to Admiral Program
Program which offers an opportunity for enlisted personnel in the Navy to go to college and gain a commission.

Selection Boards
Fiscal Year 2000 Navy Selection Board Schedule.

Selection Boards, Navy
FY2000 Selection Boards for the U.S. Navy.

Benefits authorized when one is separated against their will from the U.S. Army (honorable discharge).

Sexual Harrassment & Discrimination
How to handle sexual harrassment or discrimination problems in the U.S. Navy.

Single Quarters
General information and adequacy standards for single living quarters for Navy personnel.

Special Forces Training
Overview about applying for Army Special Forces Training.

Stepen Coonts
Opinions from the bestselling military-thriller author of Flight of the Intruder, The Seige, and now -- his new novel, CUBA.

Surviving Boot Camp (Part I)
Part I of a multi-part article about military basic training.

Training, Army Airborne
Overview about applying for Army Airborne Training.

Training, NCO
Information and qualifications to attend the Army Advanced Noncommissioned Officer's Course.

Test your military knowledge with these 10 general knowledge military trivia Questions! Hope you're as smart as you think you are!

Uniform History
Interesting tidbits of history concerning various Naval uniform items.

Uniform Trivia
Trivial facts about the care and wear of Navy uniform items.

General information about voting for military personnel.

Weight Control Program
Overview of the Army Weight Control Program.

What the Recruiter Never Told You
Seven-part series feature article, all about the truth of military pay, benefits, and joining up.

Why did you Join?
Exactly why did you choose to join the United States Military?

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